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  1. Which route have you flown?
  2. @mtlt which route have you flown? I want to do a test too. On the 1st picture, you cant demand that the plane is holding the Speed of 250 with a VS of more than 4400ft.. Altougth, I thougth you have something worngly configured in the FMS cause if I descend, the Speed indication looks a lot different than yours. On the 3rd picture, FL120 is reached, the VS purple point moved to +/- 100VS and the speed is reducing, so the plane's system is working correctly?
  3. It is just a recommendation from the developer.... You can do everything but if something is not working after you did it, you can not come back and claim that the bus is not working any more if you do not listen to the recommendations, thats it.
  4. Version, clean installed: I also did 6 flights in a row without P3D restart yesterday without error, crash or something else. Works fine :)
  5. flyingpilot1740

    P3Dv4 Dynamic Lighting problem with Sceney

    I have reinstalled both scenerys and did some test flights. EDDK has worked yesterday without issues. EDDF I just landed there and Dynamic lightning is not working. After reloading the Scenery, working again 🤒
  6. Hi, just to ask, will there be another update before the weekend? I am just asking because I want to know if reinstalling the bus is worth or to wait for the update
  7. flyingpilot1740

    P3Dv4 Dynamic Lighting problem with Sceney

    I know this topic is old, but this happens still on some airports. Last flights I recognized it on LIRN EDDF EDDK ENBR ENVA and some other from other devs. After reloading the Scenery, everything is fine again. I had this in 4.3 and I hoped that this is solved in the 4.4 version (with a frehsly installed computer and sim), but its still there (I am using P3D Version
  8. flyingpilot1740

    Fehlendes Papier im Drucker

    Ich habe es gerade. Rechner erster Start, P3D v4.4 erster Start, A321 (letztes Update) war im Cold and Dark Mode und wurde vom FS2Crew CO angeworfen. Alles eingegeben, Printer drucker aber kein Papier, links wenn ich mit linker maustaste draufklicke wo das Papier normalerweise ist, zeigt er mir das Popup dann an Hoffentlich findet ihr den Fehler LG.
  9. flyingpilot1740

    Strange Managed Speed problem

    Hi all, short update from my side: I did not have this issue on the last 20 flights. No Idea which behaviour does affect this strange "issue". Cant belive that this can cause this but I will do a test flight today if this is affecting the speed 😀 Best Regards Bernd
  10. flyingpilot1740

    Missing new Eurowings Livery

    Than I will wait till I do a fresh installation next time
  11. flyingpilot1740

    Missing new Eurowings Livery

    Thanks for the suggestion Tom but for a livery I won't do that step Is it a possibility to share the folder here? If not, no problem. Thanks
  12. flyingpilot1740

    Missing new Eurowings Livery

    Nope, as written :) The folder is missing
  13. flyingpilot1740

    Strange Managed Speed problem

    I continued without restarting the sim the next flight, LPMA-LOWW, no problem on this flight. No idea why this happend
  14. flyingpilot1740

    Strange Managed Speed problem

    Hi all, I have no idea why this happend in this flight, probably I missed something. On the last 10 flights, no problem. If I set to managed speed, it goes down to 134. Approach Phase is not activated. Flying the A321 CFM Sharklet Version (latest Version). Routing: EDDF SOBRA Y180 NISIV UY180 DIK UN857 GIMER UT300 PON UN872 ERIGA UN741 LOTEE DCT AGADO DCT VERAM Q205 PECKY UQ146 EPAKA LPMA
  15. Hi all, just installed the latest update via the download manager but for any reason I am missing the Eurowings Livery folder "DAIZV" I have the entry in my aircraft.cfg but not the folder. Is that a known bug? Any suggestion what I can do? Best Regards