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  1. Hello Bob, I have been in vacation, so I couldn't answer earlier. Meanwhile, the update V 123 was ready for download. In this case I de-installed the A3xx totally and cleaned up the registry. After a new start I installed the new version and tried out this evening. I am happy to see that the holdings are working. In a flight LSZH - LSGG I tried 2 holdings over ULMES and VADAR. Both without problems! Maybe the old installation was not 100% correct? I cannot reproduce the ctd. Hoping that it will be stable. Thank you very much and best regards Markus (Thread can be closed).
  2. Hallo zusammen, will ich vor der Destination den A319 P3dv4 im MCDU in ein Holding bringen, crasht der Sim und der ganze Flug ist "im Eimer". Mache ich etwas falsch oder gibt es einen Trick? Danke für jeden Tip und Gruss Markus
  3. Hi, every time when I press "Hold" in the left MCDU (p.e. ordered by ATC) the Sim crashes CTD. Holdings often are ordered approaching the destination, it is very frustrating to crash to desktop after a long flight. What can I do to avoid this? Thanks for every Idea, all the other inputs in the MCDU are ok. Markus
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