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  1. Good evening. Well Jonas, UTLive has no more service. I had a hop that some of the brilliant brains in Aerosoft had som clues or maybe Thorsten/Manfred had some ideas since that’s the gays how made this fantastic scenery of GCLP. But understandable if you want to close this topic. Didn’t have any big hopes for a solution but wanted to see if anyone had a smart idea. Best regards Bjørnar
  2. Thank You both of you for quick answer. Yes I use those flightplans and yes I have seen exactly the same picture as you HansW in UTLive manager's statistics so i agreed, there should be more traffic. You gave me something to work with, but let’s say for a example..I have the UT repaint of Norwegian and this shows up anywhere else where you would suspect it to show up, way not in GCLP if the repaint work anywhere else? Don’t understand but hopefully I figure it out with some help. thank you so much guys
  3. Hi I have a problem I can’t figure out, been trying for a long time now and I been looking all over in my flight simulator. Trouble is Ai traffic at GCLP, only managed to see 4 aircraft normally and a few times 6 but that’s maximum. I have seen pictures in Google where there is a lot more aircraft at gates and Parkings. I have P3D 4.5 all updates, ORBX UTLive GSX and more but the (Funny) thing is that is the only airport where I can’t see more traffic. All other airports, Sim-wings, Aerosoft, ORBX and many more work just fine 😊 Anybody have a clue why this is happening only at GCLP? Been a flight simmer for a couple of decades now but never had this case I can’t figure out. Best regards Bjørnar
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