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  1. Desaix

    Bergamo (XPlane 11) released

    I agree, a Ortho4XP patch is the way to go for all those simmers that uses Ortho4XP, and I guess there are many. I recently bought Genoa by Aerosoft (I like it) but I had to massively work in WED to adapt it to my Ortho4XP tile. Lot of buildings were floating some metres over the ground when using my 1" height mesh because of the easy way to port existing FSX scenery with objects having their centre sometimes hundred of metres away. The way XP11 is structured right now with the impossibility to change mesh other than 1X1 degree really needs some more effort by developers when porting scenery. But maybe in the case of Bergamo the flatness of the airport ground will not require any further editing on objects, I hope that.
  2. Desaix

    Mega Airport EDDF V1.0 Xplane 11

    I must add my congrats for this amazing scenery performing well even on medium system like mine. WT3 traffic routes generated correctly so you can add WT3 compatibility in the package features. As a sign of support for Aerosoft I also bought Oslo, I think good conversion need to be incentivated as much as possible. Now we need a good LFPG and LIRF. Thanx
  3. Desaix

    Maastricht-Aachen EHBK

    Hello, I'm definitely interested in buying this airport, price looks fair, can you tell me if a complete ATC route net is included (both gates and taxi routes)?
  4. Desaix

    Bergen ENBR (Beta 04)

    On my list for sure, that environment should look terrific on approach.Everything looks professional.