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  1. The German site was the trick, uninstalled and reinstalled using the v4 installer....I didn't see any difference in the installation. Thank you very much! Now the issues are the ADF simply doesn't turn on (major) and neither does the transponder (minor) And there seems to be a brightness issue but I need to read more before I squawk to loudly as this might be operator error. I see that the ADF issue is a carry over from previous versions. I am surprised that Aerosoft feels comfortable selling a defective product. The plane flyies fine...and VOR Navigation works fine...I don't use the GPS. Henry
  2. I just bought the PBY today 7/8/17 from the aerosoft site and while it says v1.22, I do NOT have a P3Dv4 installer. I installed using the v3.4 installer and directing it to my P3Dv4 specific folder and the airplane seems fine and you can turn the knobs of the ADF (#1 and #2) but I receive nothing and I am on top of the station. So why no installer (others seem to have it) and what is up with the radios? Henry
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