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  1. Hi Mathijs


    I tried the Fix you mentioned but the only result was that when it had almost completed I got a totally black screen and an unresponsive system in that I could only hear the fans running but the keyboard or power button were unresponsive, so after doing a system restore from my backup drive I will not be trying any fixes like this any time soon as my system was perfectly stable prior to trying this with the exception of this configuration tool, as for the scenery package if the developer could tell me which files from the OPTIONAL_ALTERNATE_FILES I need to move to the main folder for a P3D v5 ORBX installation I will get the scenery running that way, if they cannot give that information then I will just have to uninstall it and leave it alone.


    Jim Hodkinson

  2. Hi Mathijs

    Firstly my apologies for the delay in getting back to you it was just a bit busy yesterday, but as to your question I never thought of checking the windows event viewer for issues which I have now done and fin that running the Configuration Tool throws up the following error…

    Application: ConfigTool.exe

    Framework Version: v4.0.30319

    Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.

    Exception Info: System.NullReferenceException

       at DevTool.Form1..ctor()

       at DevTool.Program.Main()

    I have tried the DotNet repair Tool from MS without any luck I also tried reinstalling DotNet V4.0.3 but the installer will not finish as it returns a message that the same or higer DotNet framework 4 is already installed, so I went looking for an unistaller which I could not find and the only mention of DotNet was in the Turn Widows features on or off.

    This is an odd one though as I have never had any issues at all with any of your products.

    I have attached the log from the Configuration Tool in case it is off some help.

    Thank you for looking into this one.

    Jim Hodkinson


    I forgot to add my operating system which is Windows 10 Pro 64bit, sorry about that.



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  3. Hi


    I seem to be experiencing a slight issue with the installation of Chania Ioannis for P3Dv5 in that the configuration program will not run at all, I have tried several downloads with different browsers and after uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling the issue persists, everything is installed as “Run as Administrator” by right-clicking on the executable to ensure that it is actually run as administrator but I still cannot get the configuration program to start, any help of suggestions would be gratefully received.


    Jim Hodkinson

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