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  1. Hello Hanse, On your point 2 I think it should be operational when the version will be released Regards Marc
  2. Hello Which values do you use ? Regards Marc
  3. Hi Herman, I can confirm it happends when installing the A330 and it's a post in this forum with other info regarding this two identical entries. Marc
  4. ok thx strange I can’t see this update on my computer via the ASUpdater. Regards Marc Update : ok just restarted the updated and I see the new beta version. 😉
  5. Hello v. ?? are you sure ? Regards Marc
  6. Hello natcret, If GSX isn’t activated, the checklist gives you two possibilities ; START PUSH and START. Use START and follow the instructions. After the complete start you’ll be able to continue the procedure. Hope this help. Regards Marc
  7. Hello I can confirm that the engines start normally with the latest version, with GSX2 and SimStarter (thx Aerosoft for this bug fix). Regards Marc
  8. Hello Another suggestion try to deinstall-reinstall the version of Microsoft Visual Basic C++ 2015-2019 (latest version for reinstallation) Hope this help Regards Marc
  9. Just wanted to bring you up to date on what we are currently working on (so known issues). is out now will be available around 12:00 zulu on thursday The question is : what about around 12:00 zulu on thursday :-)))))))))))))) Only one word ... patience Regards Marc
  10. Hello Peter, A special thanks for this update just before Easter I appreciate very well certainly regarding your business occupation. As Adam said this software is very usefull when you've a lot of add-ons and different profiles using for flight simulations. Many thanks and good luck in your main job Best Regards Marc
  11. Hello Gentlemen's, I think I've never wrote something is wrong !! OK ! I've only asked two questions and I've received the answer....that's it 🙂 BR Marc
  12. Hello Otto, I'm certainly not complaining !! Please find the answer I'd received from your Aerosoft Customer Support on the 10th of April : Hello Marc, yes of course. Like with all previous P3Dv4 updates it will only take a short time until an updated SIMstarter version will become available. BR Marc
  13. Hello Peter, Is it so difficult to make this upgrade ? Some of people will be disapointed with this timetable :-(( BR Marc
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