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  1. I put it the way he said but still hunts way too much . I'm all about flying by the numbers but i put all the original setting back in cause i had it all backed up and just gonna fly it that way.
  2. FSX is what i'm using and so is my friend and runs FSX also -- but re reading the 1st post he says to move them very very slowly so i'm gonna give that a whirl .
  3. Umm nothing here on my problem , in fact 2 of us put the new files in and when we go to bring back the props to let's say 80% they oscillate back and forth real bad and unusable.-I'm running precision flight controls for throttles and tried setting them with FSUIPC but no luck at all -looks like i'm gonna have to go back to original .
  4. Good we have a coach how to fly this bird - i really like this Extended twin but never flown it for real so how are we to know . The Cessna 210 i did and i really knew about engine management flying it for real so i bought the Carenado version and flying by the numbers, it was not even close that was the end of that . I kinda thought they would support you here for the changes cause they are pretty good for their service when we have problems, cause all said and done this is a real fine model and i have no complaints -
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