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  1. Hello, I am experiencing a strange issue with the right hand thrust reverser arm switch in the MSFS CRJ (v1.0.0.4), for some reason it is stuck in the arm position and I can’t turn it off. The left switch is fine. Is there a solution to fix this issue? Thanks! Brian
  2. I’ve seen this exact behavior and glad to hear it’ll be in the next update. This CRJ is phenomenal plane!!
  3. Excellent to hear that! Looking forward to the new update when it comes out.
  4. Hello, Last night I flew from KMCI to KMSP and along the route, I had my autopilot set to “Nav” which followed the waypoints just fine but every 10 nm between waypoints, the plane would make 30 degrees turn to get back on the track. I had 80 knots crosswind. I thought that turn was very excessive and very frequently. The route: ROYAL9 TONCE ROKKK NITZR3 I did made two trips on the same route and it’s doing the same thing. So I switched from “Nav” to “hdg” and manual turn headings to each waypoints to my destination. Thought I’d let you know if you are able to reproduce the same issue as me? Thanks Brian
  5. Ahh I see I had to drag the panel state to the bottom, thanks so much for the tip!!!
  6. Hello, I am trying to make the panel state set as cold and dark each time I start the simulator but how to do it? When I start the simulator the battery is already switched on. Thanks! Brian
  7. Hello, I found the problem. It was the Flythemaddog MD-80 that modified the fx_2 file. I uninstalled it and the lights looks perfect. You may now close this thread, thank you for your help! Brian
  8. Hello, when I have the nav lights on, the size of the effect is very big and oversized. Same as when I turn on the strobe lights. Is there a way to make the light size smaller to be more realistic? thanks! brian
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