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  1. ZFW 54973 FUEL 4358 TOW 59331 Weather : 25010KT 9999 SCT030 19/11 Q1012 Shot up at 5500fpm at 250kts after the acceleration in CL and was still roughly 3900 until calming down at around FL200...winds were 20kts max
  2. Glad it's not just me seeing this... I have a topic open now asking about the initial climb climbs like a fighter jet.
  3. Are the different subvariants ie CFM56 5B6,5B7,5B5 correctley modelled as they are displayed on the MCDU? I ask as my CFM A319 always seems to climb like a bat out of hell under 10,000ft...and I dont like to speak out other vendors but another well known "bus" doesn't behave this way in identical conditions despite being modelled off of the most powerful CFM56 of the lot on the A319 with 27k? I prefer to use the aerosoft one for various reasons....but being fully loaded busting out of airports at 5500fpm with a 22k 5B5 CFM56 on short sectors seems a bit strange...especially if the MCDU is showing the correct engine variant....Ive followed all instructions regarding installation and the bus flies very very well expect for its super sporty performance. Any help or info much appreciated. Great aircraft never the less and the performance to eye candy ratio in the sim is something to be proud of...never dips below 45fps Miles
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