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  1. The flightplan without departure and arrival procedures was created by an external program before starting the simulator. I used that program because I was working through the tutorial flight, but was too lazy to enter the flightplan manually. Afterwards, in the CRJ FMS, I entered departure and arrival data as described in the tutorial flight documentation. I have tried a different departure route now, and with that, the altitude problem does not occur. But can a zig zag departure route really cause that altitude problem?
  2. Entering the data in the order you described did not change anything.
  3. I have attached the flightplan files I saved from within the Simulator before adding SID and STAR and after adding the SID. Unfortunately, though I could save another flightplan file after adding the STAR, that file for some reason does not differ from the file I saved before, which means that it does contain the STAR data. That is why I attached only two files. I am using Navigraph AIRAC 1911. Before adding the SID, the FMS LEGS page showed the following altitudes: GMN FL300 DERBB FL300 PRB FL300 After adding the SID (VTU with transition TZS), the FMS LEGS page showed the following altitudes: SMO251 3000B VTU FL206 RZS FL300 GMN FL300 DERBB FL300 PRB FL300 After adding the STAR (ILS10R, Transition SNS), the LEGS page showed the following altitudes: SMO251 3000B VTU 3000 RZS 3000 GMN 3000 DERBB 3000 PRB FL300 SNS 9929 ZEBED 3600A MINCK 1700 RW10R 205 Obviously, this setting of altitudes from VTU to DERBB makes no sense. KLAXKMRY-without-SID-and-STAR.flp KLAXKMRY-with-SID.flp
  4. Hello, as I was not able to load my flightplan file directly as primary flight plan, like described in my thread "Loading routes", I now loaded the file as secondary flight plan and than pressed LSK5R on the "SEC FPLN" page in the FMS to make it the primary flight plan. Than, I entered the SID and performed the PERF INIT with cruise altitude 30000 ft. After pressing "EXEC", the LEGS page showed all waypoints in the non-complete flight plan with reasoanble altitudes. Non-complete because the STAR was still missing. So, I added the STAR and pressed EXEC again, but unfortunately, that set all altitudes of the waypoints already in the plan before adding the STAR to 3000, except the last one, which was still at 30000. What is happening there? Is this maybe because of the way how I load the flight plan? Regards Christoph
  5. The joystick is Thrustmaster USB Joystick. In my current test, the elevator trim is set to 6.6°. That is the value shown by Dave and I took that one; the value shown in the CRJ Manager is a little lower. My simulator is P3Dv4, the joystick calibration was within P3D. > Try loading zero PAX, zero Cargo, and minimum fuel and see if you still have the issue? The issue does not disappear with these values.
  6. I used the information in the tutorial flight document for setting up the elevator trim.
  7. Hello, I have difficulties to fly the CRJ with my joystick: Though I calibrated the stick and though I could not find any anomalies in flying other planes with it, the CRJ - though the joystick is in neutral Position - goes into a very high-angle climb flight which makes the plane stall after a short time. Is it supposed to be like that, or do I have to perform a special joystick calibation for the CRJ, or is there anything I am maybe doing wrong? Regards Christoph
  8. But if I can load it as secondary flight plan, what is wrong with it? Unfortunately, I cannot lookup the correct format in the corresponding pdf documentation file, because Acrobat Reader says that the file has errors and is not able to open it. And it is still not clear where the information that is being loaded when I enter KLAXKMRY in Route on the FPLN page comes from. Probably it is Information I entered manually before, but where is that still available after a Sim Restart?
  9. I used the flight planner from Pro-ATC/X, from That software does not create a flight plan in CRJ format directly, but it creates one when the user starts a new flight, then in the popup window chooses to create a plan for the Digital Aviation CRJ and last, in the Simulator, requests and gets clearence. The plan file is then saved in C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\FlightPlans\. I attached the flight plan I tried to load - as I could successfully load it as secondary flight plan, I am sure that it has a valid format. KLAXKMRY.flp
  10. How exactly does entering the name of the saved flightplan on the FPLN page ROUTE work? Entering KLAXKMRY there loaded departure airport, destination airport, alternate destination airport, and SID data. But my file C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\FlightPlans\KLAXKMRY.flp contains only departure and arrival airports and waypoints between; it does NOT contain alternate destination and SID data. Where does the information mentioned above come from? I even could not find another file containing KLAXKMRY in its name on my whole computer. And how can I load the correct Information that is saved in my KLAXKMRY.flp? Loading that file in the ROUTE menu works as expected, but like I already wrote, only for the secondary flightplan. So, once again my question, if it is also possible to load the primary flightplan in the ROUTE menu.
  11. So, it is not possible in the route menu?
  12. Hello, How can I create the primary flight plan by loading a .flp file in the route menu? I can only find a way to load a .flp file for the secondary flightplan. Regards Christoph
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