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  1. How do I get the Aerosoft updater for my many Aerosoft airports? I have an old version, but it doesn't open. I did a search, but it returned no results. When I decide to get P3Dv5, will I be able to use the updater to get compatible sceneries? If not, what will I need to do in order to make my Aerosoft airports compatible with P3Dv5? Thanks. Pete Locascio
  2. I was attempting to plan a flight from CYYC to CYUL which I have displayed below. I entered the lat/long waypoint of 4900N/09000W in the format 4990N, and it was accepted in the PFPX flight plan I was building. I then entered the lat/long of 4700N/08000W in the format 4780N and it was rejected by PFPX as a valid waypoint. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks. LOMLO PERTU TULOV Q961 DAPOP VBI 4900N/09000W 4700N/08000W YMW BEMOG LFLER5 Pete Locascio
  3. The problem was indeed Orbx. Their latest version of Orbx Central has caused many problems for me and others. It just randomly rearranges scenery files on it's own, which has made simming miserable at times. I managed to get every thing working again after 5 hours of working on the issue. Thanks for the responses. Pete Locascio
  4. For some reason all the terminal buildings and ground textures have suddenly disappeared from PANC Professional 1.1 for P3Dv4. This has never happened before, and none of my other Aerosoft airports are affected. I have Orbx Southern Alaska, and VECTOR, but this scenery hasn't created any problems in the past. I uninstalled and did a clean reinstallation of PANC, but the problem still remains. Any Ideas on what may be causing this. I've attached a Screen Shot below. Thanks. Pete Locascio
  5. Is the Aerosoft-Launcher still working? I keep getting a message that says "The Aerosoft server is currently unavailable" I have version Thanks Pete Locascio
  6. I noticed the same thing. The old desktop icon needs to be replaced with the new one, so unpin it from where ever you have it. Go to the start menu and scroll to Aerosoft Professional Flight Planner X. You should see the word "NEW" in blue font under it. Pin it to the start menu or taskbar and use that to start the program. You should then see the new Splash Screen on start up. Pete Locascio
  7. I don't think I want to purchase something that may, or may not work with P3Dv4. Thanks for the reply, though.
  8. Hey guys, I have many of your products. I would be great if you could make your KSMF scenery available for P3Dv4. So far, it looks like it's only available for P3Dv 1-3. Thanks. Pete Locascio
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