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  1. Is the Aerosoft-Launcher still working? I keep getting a message that says "The Aerosoft server is currently unavailable" I have version Thanks Pete Locascio
  2. I noticed the same thing. The old desktop icon needs to be replaced with the new one, so unpin it from where ever you have it. Go to the start menu and scroll to Aerosoft Professional Flight Planner X. You should see the word "NEW" in blue font under it. Pin it to the start menu or taskbar and use that to start the program. You should then see the new Splash Screen on start up. Pete Locascio
  3. I don't think I want to purchase something that may, or may not work with P3Dv4. Thanks for the reply, though.
  4. Hey guys, I have many of your products. I would be great if you could make your KSMF scenery available for P3Dv4. So far, it looks like it's only available for P3Dv 1-3. Thanks. Pete Locascio
  5. The SODE jetways are now working, but I didn't do anything different. I guess the program needed a good nights sleep or something. Thanks.
  6. I saw that I had the wrong SODE file installed, so I deleted it, and downloaded and installed the correct one. I completely uninstalled The LEPA scenery files and reinstalled them. I then inserted the correct SODE files. I'm still getting the same error message and the SODE jetways still don't work. Thanks. Pete Locascio
  7. Looks like there's a similar SODE problem like there was with LIMC. Ctrl+J works but SODE does not. I tried gates 50 and 54. I downloaded the sode file from the provided link. I'm getting a message that shows a path error like I had with LIMC. I installed everything correctly as I did for LIMC.I ran it with and without admin rights, and also disabled and then reenabled SODE batt. I also made sure the files were in the correct order. They're in the same file as LIMC which I created, as you suggested before. They are not in x86. When I try to move the jetways with SODE, it says "No Triggerable Objects" . Would you please check to see that the correct SODE files were uploaded by the developer, since the wrong ones were included with LIMC. Thanks. Pete Locascio
  8. Thanks. I had no idea it was available.
  9. Are the SODE jetways for PANC a separate download? I don't have SODE functionality, just Ctrl+J. I have the latest PANC version. Thanks.
  10. Ok, the SODE jetways work now! Thanks so much for investigating this problem. I really thought I was doing something wrong.
  11. I ran the bat as administrator, I did another clean installation, and I installed LIMC in C instead of (x86). I also tried putting the files P3dv4/ecosystem. I tried all the suggestions, but I still have the issues, bad paths, no sode showing up in the scenery files, etc.. The fact is I really don't know a lot about the technical things you guys are talking about. I just want to buy scenery, install it, and not have to deal with all these issues, but unfortunately, most of the time it's just not that easy. I'll just live without LIMC SODE for now. It works for all my other scenery products. I'm having a new computer built in a few weeks with all the latest hardware. Maybe the Gremlins in this machine will go away. Thanks Guys!
  12. The page you're looking at is not the same one you're referring to. The previous page is, and it shows the items in the correct order. The programs are in Program Files (x86) and I've tried running the program both ways as admin and without. All the other airport scenery I have with SODE jetways, such as Flight Beam KSFO, work correctly. Since I seem to be the only one having problems, it must be something I'm doing wrong on my end. I'll keep trying things and if I fix it, I'll let you know. Thanks.
  13. I didn't have any LIMC scenery installed prior to installing LIMC professional. I uninstalled the program anyway, and then reinstalled it. I ran the SODE-ON as administrator, but the same thing happened. I shut down the program, waited a minute, and ran SODE-OFF and then SODE-ON. Now I'm getting 2 jetways, but Ctrl+J is the only way to move them. I've attached a few of pictures. One shows the location of the files, and the other is the screen that pops up after I run the SODE-On. The third one shows the message I get after activating SODE and trying to move the jetway with Tab+S. There seems to be an indication of a path problem, yet it says that the SODE jetways are activated. I'm running 3 monitors so screen shots don't work very well, so I used a camera for the shots. Thanks.
  14. OK, I did what the instructions said. First, I hit SODE-OFF, reverted back to CTRL_J, and there were 2 functioning jetways, which is the way it should be. I then closed the Sim program. I went back to the file location and double clicked on SODE-ON. A window opened which said SODE jetways activated, and to hit any key. I did that and the window closed. I then restarted the Sim and, once again, there were 4 jetways. I tried this several times with the same result. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Thanks.
  15. I installed the SODE module for LIMC, although I didn't have to install one at any of the other airports. I have SODE version 1.62 and all the other scenery packages recognize it. The jetways at several of the A600 gates are passing through each other when I try to dock them to a door. I've tried several gates, and jetway combinations but the same thing happens. There also seems to be a problem as to which jetways are assigned to serve each gate. Try parking at gate A606 and you'll see what I mean. There appear to be 4 jetways at that gate, or at least it looks that way. Thanks. Pete Locascio
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