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  1. Hello guys, same problem I could only configure crank, ENG IGN / START the throttle there is no way in p3d v4, do all the steps as indicated in the manual, including the activation that the product requires.

  2. Excellent news, but I have a question Will the A333 version come complete on A332 / A333 and all engine variants? Thank you PS: I feel my English, it's not good
  3. Buenas noches, es posible tenerla para profesional? iberia express?
  4. Hi guys, does anyone know why when I activate the checklist the screen changes by itself? how can you disable this? can't it be like version 318/321? Thank you
  5. Iberia A330-200: EC-MIL. Enviado desde mi SM-G900F mediante Tapatalk
  6. Good morning, someone can explain how to install textures AAL ests my plane does not have IAE NEO folder, why? I get too dark and not in that folder install and also do not know where to get Extended payware Aerosoft Airbus A320neo. I really appreciate it, thanks
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