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  1. Thanks for the heads-up, nice glider airport, winch works fine sending you off the cliff. Looking forward to try your flights
  2. First leg, but better now, there are clouds near me also. Made it to TP1 and back to Start after getting slightly lost coming out of a thermal... Thanks, nice area
  3. I am really improving my landing outs! Where do all the Cumulus clouds go?
  4. Yes, the PDA is really small, I think I'll add a window with it so I can pop it up in flight.
  5. Well after all the hype I couldn't wait. Great glider!
  6. Well, sound was off at that time, other people asleep in the house. Otherwise, excellent and incredible sound effects! A whole new dimension to gliding.
  7. Much better! The strong reflections were very distracting. By the way, belly landings are possible, just did one (forgot to drop down the gear).
  8. Mathijs, Thanks for trying, hope you can sort out the weather files. Eskilstuna 2008 Open?
  9. Sounds really GREAT! No Missions included? Is anyone developing Missions for the Discus? rgds
  10. Great pics, thanks! The area is lovely even with just standard FSX, actually my "base" in Europe is Lausanne/La Blecherette LSGL. Nice little place, not too much AI, take off and you are right in the middle of the action in central Europe. Rgds
  11. Sweet! Thanks for the heads up!
  12. On the issue of the winch, check this thread in a sister forum here at Aerosoft, http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=27090 rgds
  13. For Sim Probe to work properly some enhanced scenery is not a bad idea. I enjoy ridge riding in Cape Province, South Africa and it is much better after installing Aeroworx freeware mesh. rgds
  14. Exciting! Let's say at his stage it would be more important to get it OUT and then fix the odd details. If the C4 gives s imperial that's good, lets go soaring!
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