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  1. Thanks I appreciate it--The RAAS issue required a manual entry to the dll.xml file--Regards, Robert
  2. Followup--Complete uninstall and reinstall of v and same problems--RAAS is NOT shown in the Add-ons Menu (although it can be uninstalled via the control panel). Also still unable to set the landing speeds via Dave--Any help would be appreciated--
  3. RAAS Professional/Configuration is NOT available within the Add-ons Menu. Also I can't transfer via "Dave" the Landing Speeds to PFD. I would appreciate any suggestions---Thanks-- Robert P.S. Win 10 Prof/AV Off and configured to exclude all references to the sim and addons--
  4. Are RNAV Approaches possible in the CRJ? If so, how can you enable the vertical profile (e.g. glideslope) for the approach?--Thanks-- Robert P.S. Approach mode flags the LOC/GS but there is no vertical guidance for a LPV RNAV approach
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