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  1. And yet, the CRJ was the only aircraft to bring the simulator to its knees seconds into the flight. How would you interpret those symptoms? I'm not sure the intention of your remark, but it makes me a bit sorry I posted my findings.
  2. Good news. It looks like I've resolved this issue. Updating to the latest MS Visual C++ Redistributable 2015-2022 library appears to have done the trick. FWIW, my previous version was from September 2020.
  3. I just upgraded my working installation to V1.0.15 - I did a full reinstall after first having this issue with the Aerosoft Upgrader installation. Both the CRJ 550 and 700 behave the same way - shortly after takeoff (a few seconds), the sim closes. The flights were initiated on the runway, ready for takeoff. Whether I do a complete flight plan, or just kick the tires and light the fires (i.e. set the flaps, take off the brake and advance the throttle to TOGO), I get the same result - CTD shortly after leaving the ground. I removed ALL scenery from the community folder - same result. Any suggestions on troubleshooting this?
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