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  1. Hi everyone, A small difficulty I have when I want to land with the fantastic CRJ700 : I go down as required (no problem) and, about 4 miles from the runway, instead og going down for touchdown, my plane stops descending and sometimes goes up again when my speed is correct and tha altitude meter is on zero or 100 ft. Why is that? it should normally carry on going down to land. This is infuriating, really! Could anyone help me and tell me what I do wrong? Thanks a lot Regards mv121
  2. mv121

    crj 700

    Hi everyone, What a pleasure to fly the CRJ 700. A lovely plane indeed. Nevertheless, I have a problem I haven't yet managed to solve. I never find the glide slope. I do everything right to get my plane in the right position (I can see that on the different dials) I get the LOC OK, I am under the GS angle but it is never intercepted, not even in white. I've tried at least 50 times and I must do something wrong. But what? Could you, please, give me a full account of YOUR approach and landing procedures so that I can compare them to mine? Thanks very much Regards mv121
  3. mv121

    crj 700

    Hi, I've got 2 small questions a confirmed pilot could easily answer to: 1. How do you popup the PFD, the MFD or the EICAS in the CRJ? 2. Where do you enter the rwy heading for the ILS in the same plane? Thank you. Your plane is awesome. Regards mv121
  4. Hi, I'd like to know how reinstall the CRJ I bought a couple of days ago on my MFSF 2020 which I disinstalled by mistake. Where is the link to download it again? Thanks a lot mv121
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