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  1. Any love for the modern house liveries? I'm amazed that these don't seem to exist. Thank you!
  2. I probably should have googled first. It seems that my Logitech headset was set to 7.1 surround sound. Switching that off fixes the problem....
  3. Hello, Can anyone help, please? I am running AES 2.23A on Win7 x64. In FS9 I'm not getting any sounds.. I've followed the advice from Olivier's post; 5.) You don't hear the Annoucements (Groundstuff and so on) Please place your aircraft at a AES controlled Airport and start AEShelp/AESConfig, press the Configuration and check the volume of the sound's. If the sound don't come back at maximum, set the Checkbox "Maximum" behind the annoucement slider, then you should hear the sounds. AES'ëd airport - check. But no luck Sound was already at max, so checked Maximum and still nothing. FS9 install was new as I got the QW BAE , so really couldn't say if it was working or not in an earlier version.. Thanks, Leo
  4. My current PC Pilot edition has a flight from Las Vegas to Reno, and I was keen to try it out (it seems quite challenging, with the right weather), but as with most of these flights, I like to look for scenery enhancements first At under 15 Euros on here, it seems a bit of a bargain. One question though, to any of you that have it. Do you know if the included airports have been enhanced/remodelled, or are they defaults with a bit of prettiness added? The screenies (understandably) focus on the photoscenery side of it, which leaves me thinking in the absence of any airport shots that they're probably the default ones. Airports included in the area include: Reno/Tahoe International Reno/Stead Minden-Tahoe Carson City South Lake Tahoe Might not be a deal breaker, but caveat emptor. (PS, appreciate the "current" version might not be the most recent in Europe. NZ tend to be a bit behind on these things....) Thanks, Leo
  5. Hi Andreas, yes it did exist, and yes i did remove it. Re running the setup did appear to behave itself - it was installing the files, as there was a progress bar. It launched AES fine, but still hangs when clicking finish - error as requested below.
  6. Yes, it defaulted to my install dir, G:Flight Simulator 9
  7. Oliver, pretty sure its the way the installer is checking things...and hope the following may help Andreas? Whether its anything you can look into further, I dont know. Removing all traces of AES from the registry (v manual process, checked every key with either Aerosoft or AES-Base) , clearing out the whole of temp files on a reboot, and ensuring the AES folder is not present in the Aerosoft dir WILL let the installer correctly and fully install 1.4.0. Evidently, something in the installer is looking at the registry and the info back is causing the installer to "go wrong". However, the installshield will still hang on clicking finish, and only a CTRL ALT DEL will terminate the process, still generating the error about the remote procedure call failing. I dare not uninstall again in case everything breaks, but perhaps its worth seeing what happens on the next update and let you know? Thanks for your help, it is appreciated, I know these things can be pretty system specific and not suggesting its your badly written installer, its likely your installer and something on my system that dont really go happily together Leo
  8. Nope, nothing at all happens - the installer says completed successfully, but nothing else happens, nothing launches, and looking inthe Aerosoft folder, there is no AES directory that I would have expected to have been created on this reinstall.
  9. Hi Oliver, Still no joy - removed directory as instructed, but the install just zips thorough really quickly, doesnt install anything and still get the RPC failed message when killing the install... Thanks, Leo
  10. Thanks Oliver, but it is this the version I downloaded - after the install says it completed successfully, it still launches 1.2 - its like the installer is not actually installing any files, and launching the existing version. I cannot uninistall, either - the installer says it has uninistalled and the files still remain. FS has not been running, I have tried this on a clean reboot. Thanks, Leo
  11. Hello there - I appear to be having a problem trying to install the latest AES - although the setup will run, it does so very quickly, and launches AES 1.2. I click finish, then installshield hangs - i have to force it to end via taskmanager, and get the message that the remote procedure call failed. I cannot then seem to uninstall - although it says the uninstall was successfull, the directory and all files are there. Can you help?
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