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  1. Since I'm lost maybe this is wrongly placed and if so I'm sorry. I posted somewhere else question about ASUpdater and 7.zip. I never used ASUpdater before so I need help here I have some of Aerosoft's Mega Sceneries and there is an update of Madri to v1.1. Downloaded it then extracted (with winzip) to ...\Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\Products and it's there (Mega Madri.exe + as_madri_prof + License...) In my desktop there is a path to ASUpdater (which should install it automatically once run). Nothing happens. Obviously I'm doing something wrong Tks
  2. Tks for answering. I don't want to install manually, Tom A320. I never used ASUpdater before so I need some clarification to understand how it works.. 1) Do I need 7.zip? As said I have winzip 2) ...Aerosoft\ASUpdater is there with a Products subfolder. 3) Extracted Mega Madri 1.1 with winzip to this folder and tried to run ASUpdater from desktop but nothing happens.
  3. Hello. This will be my 1st use of ASUpdater. There is a post about it: Trouble is I never used 7.zip before (I have winzip).. Downloaded Madri update v1.1 with winzip and extracted it to ...\My Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater. It's there. Tried to run installer (as admin) but nothing happens. If trying to run ASUpdaterUpdater inside this folder there is a msg that should run ASUpdater. Can someone explain what I'm doing that is wrong? Tks Eduardo
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