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  1. Of course! I'll be there.
  2. And........ and ..... at this moment Mr. Phileas Fogg is savoring a beautiful scotch in your club and recounting the adventures of your trip with your company as valet Passepartout. http://www.vataware.com/flight/5a3948fa5352333fdb000009 https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1DIlcTmSxraczZ95y282bHDeV3jc&ll=42.5442795303035%2C-93.10145699999998&z=3 I lost the pictures (not saved) on the leg BIKF-EKVG. The following post just refers to the last leg, EKVG paw EGGW thus ending my participation in the tour AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS. Departing EKVG Crossing over the North Atlantic. Very bad weather. Final ILS rwy 26 - EGGW. Passengers and crew disembarked. Works closed. Now deserved vacation. We will return in February after the summer season (Southern Hemisphere). Thanks to Mathijs Kok for the invitation to participate in the tour. I hope others will happen. See you later.
  3. After landing at KDTA, Mr. was very concerned that we were unable to get to London on time due to heavy snowfalls sweeping the northern United States. So we decided to shorten the scales and made a 2,023 nm flight straight to New York - KJFK. Then we depart for CYQX - Gander International Airport. After a short rest we set off for BIKF, again jumping a stage due to the very poor weather conditions in Groelandia. Now we stop for the necessary revisions and return next week on a direct flight to London. Keep safety. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1DIlcTmSxraczZ95y282bHDeV3jc&ll=64.00996194278127%2C-33.89910612499989&z=4 http://www.vataware.com/flight/5a328ec85352332999000006 http://www.vataware.com/flight/5a351e955352336e2c00000b Departing KDTA over mountains. KJFK starting. Under a lot of snow. In route to CYQX. Gate in CYQX. Moving up to BIKF. Crossing to 13000 feets. Approach in BIKF. Final rwy 10. Parking BIKF. There was company at the gate. Parking in the middle of the woods?
  4. Today I completed two more legs. But I lost the pictures. I'm sorry. But I delivered my passengers safely to Delta Municipal Airport. In the first leg Mr. Phileas Fogg and his valet Passepartout, left Tofino Airport for San Francisco, California. Then direct to Delta, Utah where they will rest for today. http://www.vataware.com/flight/5a2a72365352330c78000006 http://www.vataware.com/flight/5a2ab44f53523327c000000c
  5. 20º Leg - PAYA to CYAZ http://www.vataware.com/flight/5a292a145352337bec000007 https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1DIlcTmSxraczZ95y282bHDeV3jc&ll=31.84184435459887%2C170.19583350000005&z=3 Climbing after departure of PAYA, at dawn. In cruise. Overflight of beautiful places. Over Vancouver Island, near the airport. Final approach to the rwy 07. Gate CYAZ
  6. Departing PADU to PAYA. Time to review the engines before the next step. Surprise! The engine number 3 shows excessive wear on the pistons. The repair will take time. Parts are being shipped from Anchorage. My passengers can not wait. We rented a DC-4 and we will proceed. Our DC-6 will be delivered to us in CYAZ. (Tofino Long Beach Airport - Britsh Columbia - CA) The next two steps will be DC-4. Mr. Phileas Fogg and his valet Passepartout are grateful. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1DIlcTmSxraczZ95y282bHDeV3jc&ll=36.394378600527794%2C-179.69296899999995&z=3 http://www.vataware.com/flight/5a27dd445352335934000004 Starting repairs. The new leased aircraft is waiting for passengers. A beautiful day to fly. And beautiful landscapes open along the way. And a beautiful sunset. Final approach to runway 11. Ground PAYA.
  7. PASY to PADU 732 nm of pure bad weather. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1DIlcTmSxraczZ95y282bHDeV3jc&ll=36.249882643536374%2C140.98606449999988&z=4 http://www.vataware.com/flight/5a22a8a95352335ea800000a Ground PASY Climbing Cruise Approaching at dusk. Ground PADU
  8. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1DIlcTmSxraczZ95y282bHDeV3jc&ll=42.6121683578287%2C149.78398062500003&z=4 Thirteenth leg. UHPP to PASY. Departure under a lot of snow. On my way. Weather overcast and much turbulence. Wind leg arriving in PASY
  9. New leg. UHSS to UHPP. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1DIlcTmSxraczZ95y282bHDeV3jc&ll=29.58942362817625%2C95.43345524999995&z=3 http://www.vataware.com/flight/5a1e9b455352330e6e000007 Gate UHSS. Cold and snow. Departing rwy 19 On the way. Approach for runway 34L Across track 34L
  10. Next leg. RJTT to UHSS http://www.vataware.com/flight/5a16f9125352334ec600000c On my way. Very bad weather. And the weather remains very poor. Taxing in UHSS At the gate in UHSS waiting for the passengers.
  11. Another leg completed. RJFK To RJTT. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1DIlcTmSxraczZ95y282bHDeV3jc&ll=34.48323590001233%2C134.897249&z=6 On the way. A beautiful day to fly. But not everything that starts well is still good. Bad weather ahead. Starting descent to Tokyo. Taxing to gate.
  12. One more leg. From RCTP - Taiwan Taoyuan Intl. Airport to RJFK - Kagoshima. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1DIlcTmSxraczZ95y282bHDeV3jc&ll=27.770788811804934%2C124.65695178124997&z=6 By the way Approaching the coast of Japan. Gate in RJFK Next leg to RJTT........
  13. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1DIlcTmSxraczZ95y282bHDeV3jc&ll=24.8677712802344%2C117.87140853124993&z=7 Departing from Hong Kong to RCTP - Taiwan Taoyuan Intl. Airport. Leaving the coast of China. China Sea ahead. Reaching the Taiwan Coast. Taiwan ground. Now a break in flights. Maintenance of the aircraft. And wait for the storm to pass.
  14. A new leg. From Hanoi to Hong Kong (VVNB - VHHH). http://www.vataware.com/flight/59f1e5d153523305dc000008 https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1DIlcTmSxraczZ95y282bHDeV3jc&ll=21.401570193030484%2C84.50395781250006&z=5 Over Cencheng. Taxing to gate in Hong Kong. Gate. Waiting for a new leg.
  15. ON THE WAY too bad weather on the way from VYMD to VNBB. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1DIlcTmSxraczZ95y282bHDeV3jc&ll=18.412000347519797%2C65.19908024999995&z=3 http://www.vataware.com/flight/59eb37d85352337391000012 Departing Mandalay Intl. Airport Near Hanoi On the gate in Hanoi.