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  1. Can anyone, in layman's terms, tell me what I'm doing wrong. I've opened the paint kit in GIMP, turned off the Special Liveries layer group, Exported as a Windows BMP, converted, using DTXBmp to DDS Texture - DXT 5 after flipping the texture and alpha. Opened in FSX and this is my blank canvas below. WTF? This was supposed to be easier than the Caranado paint kits but so far not even close. I'm fairly new to this so I'm sure I'm missing something, can anyone clue me in? 2021-1-29_17-53-19-352.BMP
  2. Daniel, can I bother you to give me some advice on what I'm doing wrong in my repainting of the Twin Otter Extended?  Would you allow me to send you a photo of what's going on and maybe tell me what I'm doing wrong?  I'm not requesting any repaints but you do seem to be the expert with this plane.  


    Richard Johnson

  3. Thank you, I can't believe it is that easy. You just made an amature very dangerous I will create textures for our VA and post them for our FSX pilots to down load and install insted of going through all that. I and our VA thank you. Tell me, does that only work on the Aerosoft Beaver or can I try that on other planes like say the default Beech Barron?
  4. Is it possiable to port my VA skins for my FS9 Aerosoft Beaver to Beaver X? Any advise on how? I'm not a repainter and the guy who created our FS9 Aerosoft Beaver skins will not be moving to FSX (or Beaver X). Anything I can ask him to do for me? Any help at all? RJ
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