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  1. Hello. Thanks for a great feedback Good to know that you liked it New screenshots should be available within 7 days. You can check on the link a few post above, and see new images there as well, when available. Images are first available from the AeroFiles forum, before it goes elsewhere, so you might want to check on there as well.
  2. Thanks for feedback. There will be new screenshots every now and then, and yea alot of great eye candy such as 3d cars
  3. I am planning to make all the big and medium sized airports in Denmark, and then go elsewhere. EKCH will be made at some point in time, but not sure when. It is more time consuming with the large airports, and therefor medium sized airports, are much faster to make, but still at an average size. If you have any good ideas about other airports, of a medium size, then please let me know It is always good with more ideas
  4. Hey. Yea I am in beta, but getting there I have sent you a PM with links. Oliver, I sent the e-mail this morning
  5. Hello Oliver Pabst. I would like to feature AES for my upcoming airport, but have problems getting in touch with you. Since you are the author of AES, I would believe you are the one to contact. I wont say much about the airport here on this forum, with respect to Aerosoft, and the none spam policy. I run my own payware company for flight simulator, and because if this, it would be rude on my behalf. Please contact me via e-mail or private message, or reply to this tread. I would be honored to have your program, be a part of the features of my upcoming product. It will feature: Photoreal textures. Reflective windows IK Jetways Custom ground vehicles And so much else. The airport in question is Billund Airport, which is the 2'nd largest airport in Denmark. Regards Simon.
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