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  1. Hello, not sure its it is the right place to ask, feel free to move it if needed Im looking for white livery for the TwOtter, all models (to fly this plane as a "Privately owned" or something like that) I hope you can tell me where I can fint that Regards
  2. Hey, I'd like to add the Maldives (Whole attols, all airports and resort docks) Thanks
  3. Hi, My whishes for a new version: -VikingAir Series -400 (GlassCockpit, "Smart View", 3 Axis Autopilot etc) -VistaLiner -As said, Better Flight Dynamic and ground handling (Particularly Floats versions, I just can't dock my plane) -Series -100 with Ski and IFG (Tundra Tires) -Series -200 -Sky Dive Other Eye candy option you can find Regards, Marc
  4. Same for me Me too, I'm finally on my first Payware scenery (my new profil pic say it ^^) Greetings, Aviana Scenery (Flyerdu973)
  5. Good to Hear, I want to ask you if you can make the Aircalin (new color) please , Thx in advance
  6. AHHHHH xD sorry (I"m french and I have difficulties with English, sorry :/)
  7. Hello; I'm actually trying (starded 5 day ago), today, I'll return to the airclub to take more pics
  8. Daniel future Scenery Developer sounds Really Good (Me too I want to make scenery but The only thing I don't have are pictures :/)
  9. Nice one But, Daniel did't make "On Request Livery" anymore :/
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