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  1. Hey! I wish to have a TwOtter HomeCockpit (unfortunately, my favourite Twitter version is the Series400) I can't wait to see more! Regards, Marc
  2. Ohhhh A330 is just after the TwOtter? A Long Hauler (sort of) soon? You have all my Support!
  3. Amazing New !!!! Now, Water Physics is something Asobo should start working on soon since the FloatTwOtter is going tohave some virtual activities ^^ son Handling on water, waves interaction, Docking/Undocking. I am excited to see how they are going to do that @Mathijs KokAny idea on when the next Previews pics will drop? I'm Hungry
  4. Thank you for the Feeding Mathijs always a pleasure to see more previews on this wonderful plane !!!
  5. Wonderful set!!! As said previously, I also hope to see New TMA livery on a Float TwOtter (NoWheels) The Devs are doing a Wonderful Job!
  6. This is amazing, you shoult already make a complete homecockpit
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