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  1. Hi Peter New version installed. all now looks good! Many thanks for the fix..grateful for your consistently high standard of user support! Enjoy the holidays and stay well. Chuck
  2. OK, understand; thanks. BTW on your own Win 10 test system is your regional short date format set to dd/mm/yyyy format, as mine is? Guessing you may have already considered but dismissed that as possible cause... Chuck O
  3. Any further thoughts on how to resolve the creation date problem ?
  4. Peter - Was able to find a 1/8/2020, but there were three with date of 6.15.20. I've put them all in the attached .7z archive. I notice is that in the Restore/delete Backup tab l"Created" column all the MM and DD numbers are 1-12 (see screenshot below) . I'm pretty sure some of the actual backup DD were actually > 12! ChuckO SimConfigBackup files.7z
  5. Peter - here is a shot about 1/3 of the way down in my P3D5 Restore/Delete listing, showing the boundary between dated and undated creation dates. and here is similar one from my P3D4.5 listing Regards ChuckO
  6. Hi Peter - Thanks for checking. I'm sure you've been busy with other things (P3D5.3!) (Hadn't opened the simCfgBackup folder in awhile. Hundreds of folders, with YYYYMMFF- names. But the folders are sortable by date in Windows Explorer. Looks like I could prune it manually there by date, even if I can't sort in the SIMstarterNGP3D backup log window....) [General] section of latest backup appears similar to yours: [GENERAL] description=BackupByPlan < programStart > backupDate=20211205-10h28m09 backupSet=BackupSet (DEFAULT) platform=PREPAR3D v5.1 Did you also want me to post [CONTENT] section that follows? Regards Chuck O
  7. Hi Peter - Have been happily using SIMstarter NG P3D for several years with both P3D4.5 and P3D5.1. It is an amazing tool! I'd set SimCoinfigBackupManager to create both a BackupSet(DEFAU LT) after each start, and a second - somewhat larger- weekly backup set. It's been running along fine for more than a year. But I've noticed that when I look at the backus using the Restore/delete Backup tab window, the "Created" date on many of my backup files created is blank. I have to select one and use the "Show Backup Log" to determine what the backup date was. On some other backups, the "Created" date appears in dd/mm/yyyy format, so they don't sort in chronological order. (BTW my Win10 Date/Time settings is set for US region, recommended [English(United States)] format). Never happened to notice it before, but it sure makes it hard to locate the most recent backup. Is this a known issue? Is there any way I can get my planned backup sets to show a creation date ? Any way to get them to sort in proper chrono order? Regards ChuckO
  8. Assume you meant to say C:\aerosoft\SIMstarter NG P3D\data\userprofiles\P3Dv4\simCfgBackup. Anyway, I'm back in business. I use a fairly capable (4.9 GHz 9700K/2080Ti) system so I hadn't needed to make a big investment in customized runsets optimized for different kinds of flying. So I decided for the "nuclear" option, and was pleased to discover that if I simply deleted C:\aerosoft\SIMstarter NG P3D\data\userprofiles\P3Dv4, SIMstarterNG P3D replaced the folder a new default one and could start over. Only took a few minutes to customize the P3D4 profile, create a runset, and configure and run the Backup manager . Next time you do a Manual revision, might be worth mentioning that if all else fails, and the user can accept losing previous backups and profiles, this nuclear option works and will get things working again. Many thanks, and stay well ! Chuck
  9. Hi Peter - My SIMstarterNG P3D can launch P3D5 ok. The problem is that it won't launch my P3D4.5 profile. I had migrated from SIMstarterNG to SIMstarterNG P3D about ten days ago, and all seemed to be working ok. This problem appeared after the update of SIMstarterNG P3D to v .62 earlier this week. A Debug Pack .zip is attached. One thing I have just noticed is that SIMstarterNG P3D4.5 Program Settings Path to the Backupfolder is set for my old P3DNG installation. I don't recall ever setting it. Didn't even notice the path till I was looking around last night. When I installed the old NG P3D version I moved the C:\aerosoft\SIMstarter NG\data folder over and uninstalled SIMstarterNG per instructions, but I see the old data folder didn't get deleted during the uninstall. So perhaps I've inadvertently been backing up in the wrong folder. But does it explan why my P3D launch problem appeared only after the .62 update? I don't think there is any important backup history or logs in my old NG installation, and I know all my P3D4.5 settings. If you think the backup path is the cause of my problems, there a simple way I can uninstall my P3D4.5 SIMStarterNG P3D installation while preserving my P3D5 installation, and start fresh ? Is it as simple as just deleting C:\aerosoft\SIMstarter NG P3D\data\userprofiles\P3Dv4 ? Or should I save out C:\aerosoft\SIMstarter NG P3D\data\userprofiles\P3Dv5, uninstall, reinstall and then copy back C:\aerosoft\SIMstarter NG P3D\data\userprofiles\P3Dv5 Chuck 20200618-09h29m17_SIMstarterNG_DebugPackage.zip
  10. Hi Peter - Since I installed the new .62 patch, my SIMstarterNG P3D won't launch P3D4.5 properly. I get a SIMStarter error box "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime". P3D fails to launch, but SIMstarter and my RunSet items (ASP4, TrackIR) remain running. I think I recall your last fix involved changes Date and Time functions. I''ve tried launching directly to the P3D scenario manager with "Use different situation settings" checked off. Also tried launching my stock default scenario with different date and time, without success. However P3D4.5 launches OK when I do it directly without SIMstarter. What can you suggest I try to get my SIMstarter back in action ? Do you need a support package ? Chuck O
  11. Yes, that would be a straightforward way to deal with the issue. I'm sure you have a long wishlist and other bugs to squash in the new release. Hope you can get it in someday... Chuck
  12. I had tried "Add from Logging" to create my SwitchSet - it is the method you showed in your recent video tutorial. But I was trying to build a SwitchSet for files that had previously been labelled .off. Easy to find them using Search, but the logging file then showed "filename.bgl.off" in the source column. To build a SwitchSet, I needed a log file that showed "filename.bgl" in the source side, and "filename.bgl.offSIMstarterNG" or "filename.bgl.off" in the destination. Couldn't think of an easy way to do that other than searching for the dozen or more incompatible Orbx SCA files currently named.off, switching them to .bgl with search and switch, and then searching for each of the Orbx SCA files again one at a time. Frustrating since the search gave me a list of the .off files I wanted to change, but if I switched them to .bgl, the list disappeared and what showed in the Logging window showed a transformation (filename.off to filename.bgl) that was the opposite of what I wanted my SwitchSet to do. Can you think of any way around this ? I suppose the lesson I learned is that - for now at least - Fileswitcher switchsets can only be created if you previously made the transformation from .bgl to .bgl.offSIMstarterNG using Fileswitcher, so the record of the transformation is available in the Fileswitcher logging window. For those of us who have already built big scenery sets with dozens of files already labelled .off prior to the advent of Fileswitcher, apparently the only way to create a switchset is to set all the .off files back to .bgl and do the entire .bgl to .off process over again, one file at a time. Sure would be nice if there was a workaround in some future release. Regards Chuck
  13. Hi Peter - Have been enjoying all the new features in SIMstarter NG P3D. Watched the video tutorial on how to use Fileswitcher. Then today went to use it after Orbx rolled out a new update to Southern California Region and replaced all the .bgls that I'd changed to .off last year for compatibility with other addon scenery on top. Decided I wanted to make a SwitchSet for all these. I was able to find all the files that needed switching just by searching *.bgl.off. I could switch them to .bgl or .offSIMstarterNG of course. The log would show the switch I'd just made. But to make a new SwitchSet I needed, I needed the log to show a .bgl to ..bgl.offSIMstarterNG transformation for these same files. Couldn't think of any way to make the logging window look like this, other than switching the files back to .bgl, and essentially repeating the process of a year ago, tediously searching for each of them again one by one to build a new switch list, then switching them to .offSIMstarterNG, so I'd have a log showing the transformation I need to make the new SwitchSet. Is there any way to avoid this tedious step? Has anyone else noted this problem ? Just wish there was a button that would take checked filenames (without extensions) from the fileswitcher search window, and directly SwitchSet that transformed .bgl files of the same name to .bgl.offSIMstarterNG files directly... Regards Chuck O
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