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  1. Assume you meant to say C:\aerosoft\SIMstarter NG P3D\data\userprofiles\P3Dv4\simCfgBackup. Anyway, I'm back in business. I use a fairly capable (4.9 GHz 9700K/2080Ti) system so I hadn't needed to make a big investment in customized runsets optimized for different kinds of flying. So I decided for the "nuclear" option, and was pleased to discover that if I simply deleted C:\aerosoft\SIMstarter NG P3D\data\userprofiles\P3Dv4, SIMstarterNG P3D replaced the folder a new default one and could start over. Only took a few minutes to customize the P3D4 profile, create a runset, and con
  2. Hi Peter - My SIMstarterNG P3D can launch P3D5 ok. The problem is that it won't launch my P3D4.5 profile. I had migrated from SIMstarterNG to SIMstarterNG P3D about ten days ago, and all seemed to be working ok. This problem appeared after the update of SIMstarterNG P3D to v .62 earlier this week. A Debug Pack .zip is attached. One thing I have just noticed is that SIMstarterNG P3D4.5 Program Settings Path to the Backupfolder is set for my old P3DNG installation. I don't recall ever setting it. Didn't even notice the path till I was looking around
  3. Hi Peter - Since I installed the new .62 patch, my SIMstarterNG P3D won't launch P3D4.5 properly. I get a SIMStarter error box "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime". P3D fails to launch, but SIMstarter and my RunSet items (ASP4, TrackIR) remain running. I think I recall your last fix involved changes Date and Time functions. I''ve tried launching directly to the P3D scenario manager with "Use different situation settings" checked off. Also tried launching my stock default scenario with different date and time, without success. However P3D4
  4. Yes, that would be a straightforward way to deal with the issue. I'm sure you have a long wishlist and other bugs to squash in the new release. Hope you can get it in someday... Chuck
  5. I had tried "Add from Logging" to create my SwitchSet - it is the method you showed in your recent video tutorial. But I was trying to build a SwitchSet for files that had previously been labelled .off. Easy to find them using Search, but the logging file then showed "filename.bgl.off" in the source column. To build a SwitchSet, I needed a log file that showed "filename.bgl" in the source side, and "filename.bgl.offSIMstarterNG" or "filename.bgl.off" in the destination. Couldn't think of an easy way to do that other than searching for the dozen or more incompatible Orbx SCA files currently
  6. Hi Peter - Have been enjoying all the new features in SIMstarter NG P3D. Watched the video tutorial on how to use Fileswitcher. Then today went to use it after Orbx rolled out a new update to Southern California Region and replaced all the .bgls that I'd changed to .off last year for compatibility with other addon scenery on top. Decided I wanted to make a SwitchSet for all these. I was able to find all the files that needed switching just by searching *.bgl.off. I could switch them to .bgl or .offSIMstarterNG of course. The log would show the switch I'd just made.
  7. Yes, that changed the location default to the proper one. P3D4 window appears properly after scenario launch now. Thanks so much, Peter. Great if you can set it to happen automatically in next release. Too bad the way FSX/P3D panels are designed, the popup window sizes are all set in the panel files for individual aircraft, so if you change the main window aspect ratio as I did, the popup aspect ratio comes out wrong. If this becomes a common problem now that more people are resizing, perhaps there is room for a payware utility that sweeps through and resets them all proper
  8. Tried, but don't know how to get [MAIN] Location=1296,23,3863,2127,\\.\DISPLAY1 to appear in Diff Manager. All I see is a line [MAIN] - Location=* . Changing [MAIN] Location apparently isn't an option in Sim Config Mgr Display or Tweaks. Is there a way I can get [MAIN] Location to appear in a way such that I can assign it to my profile ? BTW what does the * in [MAIN] - Location=* line indicate ? Chuck
  9. More: appears to me that when SIMstarter launches P3D, it is ignoring the [MAIN} Location=1282,5,3839,2115,\\.\DISPLAY1 entry. Those coordinates correctly define top left and lower right of resized window that appears if I launch P3D directly without using SIMstarter. How to enable use of this Location in SIMstarter ?
  10. Hi Peter - Have been happily using SIMstarter for several years with FSX and P3D3&4. Like many, I recently upgraded to much faster Win10 Pro system with 42" diagonal 4K monitor to run P3D4.4 in windowed mode. Nice to be able to see my instruments full size in terms of visual angle. But now I no longer want to run P3D with fully maximized 16:9 window - need to reserve some space outside main P3D window to display charts and other apps. So I usually resize the main window to nearly to 1:1, and place it full height on one side of my monitor, leaving the other
  11. Love this airplane. Both the exotic capabilities, and the unique semi-automated checklist. Agree update would be great, even if upcharge. Providing GTN750 compatibility similar to Bert Pieke's mod would be wonderful - only new tweak needed would be a switch to put the GTN nav output into the autopilot, rather than having it drive the HDG bug. To me, providing more options for addon nav is more important than lighting
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