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  1. This is not what he is talking about. If it is turbulent the plane will climb +/- 100 feet uncommanded then remain at that altitude with VS 0 showing without returning to the selected altitude.
  2. Noticed the MCDU freezes (and I was able to replicate the error). Flying ZSPD - LSZH last night and I went to enter my approach info after loading the FP via a coroute made from PFPX. I select the arrival runway (ILS 14) and then I selected the STAR. Whenever I selected the "Via" waypoint for the actual approach (Which happened to be RILAX) all MCDUs immediately freeze. I am able to click on the different buttons but all I get is sounds. No actual changes based on the buttons I clicked. I thought this was weird so I restarted the sim and began to reenter the same exact Flight Plan. The same thing happened again. Also to be noted, when this occurs when I attempt to exit the sim the sim will close but still run in the background until I kill the process via Task Manager. Below I included the exact Flight Plan I used along with the coroute file that was used. I hope this information could possibly help nail down ZSPD - LSZH PIK93D PIKAS G330 PIMOL A593 DALIM/K0856S1010 W142 YQG/K0861S1040 W103 MUMUN W4 WXI V94 TYN W87 GODON B215 LEBOM W104 VEXEB W47 IDSOT W48 DKO W66 GOBIN/K0845S1070 B330 MORIT/K0845S1060 Y478 NOPUS/N0452F360 R366 AKTAS A357 ABESA L158 LIDKI/N0457F380 L158 BENAK A487 BABUK B236 LUKAS R834 IMANA T759 RG G541 LATKI G373 OLUPI T568 SORUB B364 UDEMI M166 GOLRI B365 TOBLO Z860 RAVOK P851 GERVI Z169 POLON DCT TOMTI N869 ASTEL DCT OKG DCT AMOSA UN869 DKB/N0447F360 UN869 TEDGO T724 RILAX RILA1A ZSPDLSZH01.flp
  3. I have noticed that the center of gravity calculation on the 3rd MCDU used for Load/Fuel page remains the same regardless of the weight entry I input. Is this happening on purpose or is this a bug. So far I've done about 5 flights with the A330 and the CG for TO is always at 26% according to the 3rd MCDU. This sounds a bit off as I have changed to different load configs on each flight. I am also led to believe that this is incorrect because at Higher Gross Weights based on the CG setting and the trim I find it hard to rotate once at rotation speed.
  4. https://www.pprune.org/tech-log/272546-a330-landing-techniques.html https://www.pprune.org/tech-log/559892-a330-handling-dummies.html The A330 isn't as responsive as the A320 series of aircraft. It is rather sluggish even being a FBW aircraft.
  5. Yes, as bheidema said everything was fine until passing the first waypoint.
  6. After takeoff when putting the throttles into the CL detent at the acceleration altitude instead of going into CLB mode the vertical mode on the AP remains blank. If the autopilot is inadvertently engaged (if you somehow did not notice the CLB mode is not active) the plane will climb uncontrollably into a stall. This is corrected by pressing the ALT knob to engage the climb mode. The post takeoff AP logic is incorrect but the situation can be rectified.
  7. Noticed the MCDU is showing a fuel value 20k lbs lower than what is actually in my tanks. Causing the destination FOB value to be a negative one which is incorrect. I have attached an image to show the comparison between the two values.
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