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  1. When using the BIAS program in the RW, how often does engineering copy info from the A/C? What calculation method do they normally use Avg, Median, Highest, STD, ETC..ETC..? thanks Scott
  2. AALScott

    Install issue

    nevermind fixed it!
  3. Hey all, I understand this is a forum for PFPX but i need help. Im trying to install Topcat on my new computer with windows 10. Norton keeps telling me there is a "Trojan.gen.8!cloud", when i try to install it and shuts down the process. Can someone help me out? I have been using TC for years on my old computer.
  4. I'm trying to figure out my fuel for approach burn, and G/A Burn for the pmdg b772 and i'm curious as to what altitude I need to start my calculation for the approach burn. Should i just do a straight in appr or a pattern appr? Also what is the Weight Change used for? One other Question, how do i figure my Circuit in/out distance at large Airports like DFW, LAX, & JFK, or are they not calculated at large airports? Thanks
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    IATA Airport code

    Apologies. I saw the FAA ID and thats CRQ. Since the ICAO code is KCRQ iand on airnav thats what I use to look it up I assumed it was CRQ not CLD . Sorry
  6. How can I change a IATA airport code, due to the fact that it is incorrect? Namely Mc Clellan-Palomar Airport the IATA in PFPX is CLD and it should be CRQ
  7. Im am wondering if there is a ofp that some might share for a US FAR part 91 operation. I am try to create my own but am not too please with the format. I am looking for a format like Jeppesen's Jetplan default OFP. Does anyone have a image or know where I can find an image of a Jetplan or corporate/business style OFP? Thanks in advance Scott
  8. I am try to figure out how can i update the winds for a long haul flight after TOC and maybe every 3-5 hrs without the flight being planed as a Redispatch. Can some help me with the procedure for that with pfpx? thanks
  9. I'm doing a re-dispatch flt and i cant seem to find the INFLIGHT button. Can some one guide me?. I'm running v1.28
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    Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    Any chance for a EKB77L Redispatch ofp template?