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  1. flightops.sita.aero OFP Template (Aeroflot)

    OFP Template in SITA format, with ETOPS section
    No re-dispatch section included as I don't have access to the correct layout or it's not used in real life
    Widely used by Russian airlines, such as Aeroflot, S7 Airlines, Transaero, etc.
    Created on the basis of Aeroflot OFP, because every OFP in different Russian airlines have its little differences
    90% accurate, as some values are changed due to PFPX limitations (such as ETOPS and partly navlog, MORA, AVG FF, etc.)
    When printing untick ATC flightplan as this is in with the OFP
    Recommended Font: Courier with size 11pt

    Here you can see the sample of this Flight Briefing Package (AFL102 UUEE-KJFK)



  2. Ilyushin IL-86 PFPX Profile

    Ilyushin IL-86 template for PFPX. Accuracy of calculations - 95-98%, main source - IL-86 Flight Operations Manual. Main climb and descend modes are done, and only LRC for cruise. Also you need to choose your Flight Level and Mach number according to the tables, which are in archive, cause PFPX is not able to choose FL correctly. Only ISA conditions. I'm sure this profile is pretty accurate for flying in FlightSim, all calculations were checked and compared with examples in Flight Operation Manual. Long live - soviet "Airbus"!



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