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  1. It's ok, as the author is mentioned now in my reply
  2. When using pictures that do not have a copyright claim in them it would be a nice gesture to credit their author (Stephan Morris in this case). He was clearly mentioned on the page you took the images from.
  3. Please do not post copyright protected pictures into this topic (or actually anywhere into this forum). The first post in this topic gives a perfectly clear statement about that.
  4. That is indeed the most important hint
  5. Just to clear things up. There are there different products: Airbus X (very old, outdated) Airbus X Extended (old, outdated) Airbus A318/A319 & Airbus A320/A321 (current) As the names are getting regularly confused, which product are you referring to?
  6. Why not taking a look on the first page of this topic to check, if those liveries are already requested or not?
  7. Hello Vicloco, please post links to copyrighted pictures only. When pasting a link into your post it will displayed as image at first, but you can change it back. I have changed your post accordingly.
  8. Please make yourself familiar with the forum structure before posting. You have posted into the CRJ Repaint request forum instead of the Airbus one.
  9. Hello Stephan, I think a better and much more comprehensive place to find information and get answers about scenery design is here:
  10. I am sure Holgi wanted to see how the liveries look like in your sim, or of some error messages you might get from the livery manager.
  11. P3D don't need the HIGHMEMFIX. It is ignored. Have you started the livery manager as administrator?
  12. I just downloaded the A320 livery, used the livery manager to install it and fired up my P3D... Have a look for yourself: If you are under FSX, do you have the HIGHMEMFIX added to your FSX.CFG ?
  13. In this case it would have been helpful to say so from the beginning. It would have saved me searching for them (although that was just a question of seconds) and it would have clear to everyone that you did some research and are looking for other, not yet available liveries.
  14. Have you tried to search for them first? If you did, you would have found these immediately: and more...
  15. For the old AXE please have a look here: Home > English > Support Flight Simulation > FS2004 / FSX / P3D > AIRCRAFT > Aerosoft Airbus X Extended > Tweaking For the current product line (A31x /A32x) is would be here: Home > English > Support Flight Simulation > FS2004 / FSX / P3D AIRCRAFT > Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 > Tweaking, repaints, SDK For the already available repaints you can have a look here:
  16. Hello Dirk, this is now the third time you "push" this request. I think it's enough! It has been already noted when it was posted by algineyap the first time at the end of January.
  17. I added a little help for you to your post on how not to post pictures but links only.
  18. The screenshot have been made with P3Dv3, so it is pretty save to assume that it will also be compatible with P3Dv3.1.
  19. Richard, it's totally ok for those Add-Ons to claim to be compatible as LM clearly states to read both locations. I think the reason why LM introduced the new location and also favors it is, that they wanted to get rid of configuration data being tied to a user account, but instead being tied to a machine. Even MS is doing it the same way, as the "All Users" folder is a link to the "ProgramData" folder. Not sure since when exactly MS is doing this, bus at least since Windows 8. So for LM it was just logical to move their stuff also there (to become machine and not user tied anymore), but of course they needed to keep compatibility.
  20. Hello Hans, you have noticed the post 3 posts above yours, right? I would have guessed that is a sign of progress and only 9 days old...
  21. Correct, the latest SODE version is 1.30, but all Aerosoft airports making use of SODE currently only support 1.21.
  22. Use WinRAR to extract all files, and then just zip them together for the Livery Manager.
  23. RAR is a file compressor, like ZIP. Get yourself WinRAR do extract all files from the RAR archive.
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