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  1. Please familiarize yourself with the forum structure before posting. There is a repaint request topic and as you will see there the livery you requested has been already requested multiple times and is in the making...
  2. Well, Dave gave you already two pointers to start troubleshoot. What are their outcome?
  3. You can download it from the shop account from where you bought the A330. The paint kit download is right next to the A330 donwnload.
  4. Select the "Airbus Extended" item in the list and hit the "Browse" button on top of the export window to select another export folder.
  5. Please use these proper repaint request topic for your request, and even more important use the correct forum. A repaint request for the A330 has hardly anything to do with hardware, hasn't it?
  6. When exactly are you getting the CTD? What exactly are you doing in that moment on the EFB? What do you mean by "can't event type icaos on the efb"? On what page are you trying to enter an ICAO code? And what doesn't work for you?
  7. The fuel planner doesn't know your flight plan (i.e. the exact route) but instead only the direct connection. It has also no idea of the weather condition during your flight. Flight planners like PFPX or SimBrief give much more precise information in the needed fuel as they know all these effects. So the fuel planner is nothing more than a good guess, but I wouldn't put too much trust into its results. Merry Christmas for you, too!
  8. Tom A320


    Please use a meaningful title for your topics here in the forum. Your username doesn't give a hint at all about what you are asking. Also, as you are asking about the A330 for P3Dv4 please also use the correct forum for that. You have posted into the for FSX/FSX:SE/P3Dv3. Regarding the livery: as stated in the release notes I had linked to in my previous reply, you need to install A330 liveries at the moment manually. Instructions on how to do that can be taken e.g. from here:
  9. There must be something completely wrong with your simulator/the Airbus DLC. I have never installed the Airbus as DLC directly from Steam into FSX:SE and have actually no clue what going on there on your machine. I would return the Airbus to Steam and buy it directly from Aerosoft instead. That installer definitely works and is traceable. If things go wrong, there are steps that can be done to solve the problem.
  10. Tom A320


    Have you read the prominently linked release notes on the A330 product page? Source: https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/pre-order/2886/aerosoft-a330-professional?number=AS13592
  11. There had been a change in the data format of the aircraft data files, which was necessary for the A330. So the new fuel planner version can't read the aircraft data files of the previous version (before the A330) any more. These data files need to be updated. And they will. An update for the small buses which will also included updated aircraft data files will be made available soon.
  12. First of all, you can't compare an FSX default aircraft with high end add-ons like the Airbus or e.g. PMDG Boeings. These add-ons are way more demanding on the system than default aircraft. Your system specs are in deed ok so far and I wouldn't expect any FPS drop like that. Please do the following, each step separately and check the result on the FPS: - disable any weather add-on and select "clear skies" within FSX - lower the scenery and autogen density settings within the FSX settings both 2 steps to the left - disable any traffic add-on and switch off all ai traffic within FSX (aircraft and all other traffic)
  13. If you take a look into the Airbus forums you will see that this problem has been already reported several times. It will be fixed with an update for the small buses which should be released soon.
  14. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  15. Open the Windows control panel, from there go to "add/remove programs", from there you can uninstall the A330, just like every other windows application. Now reinstall the A330 and let the updater update it afterwards to again. And on a moderator note: stop creating multiple topics for your problem.
  16. As stated before: Aerosoft can and will only relay information they get from the manufacturer. And as stated also before: Aerosoft is just the reseller, not the manufacturer! For more accurate information you might want to check with the manufacturer: https://flyhoneycomb.com/ Oh, spoiler alert... You should really leave it to the manufacturer when they feel ready to deliver their products. With posts like yours you reach nothing.
  17. What are the hardware specs of your machine?
  18. From the A330 product page in the shop: Source: https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/pre-order/2886/aerosoft-a330-professional?number=AS13592 The linked release notes:
  19. You can order the "Honeycomb - Bravo Throttle Quadrant", it is just that the "pre-order discount" is not available anymore. It was for nearly half a year. As Mathijs said less than 2 weeks ago, there are currently no information on the expected availability available, other than: Please note that Aerosoft is not the manufacturer, but just a reseller. Once reliable information about the availability become available you can be sure they will be published.
  20. With default FSX aircarft I meant e.g. the C172. Please select the C172 from the "Free Flight" list, select location, weather and time and start into the flight. Once the C172 is getting displayed correctly at the airport you selected, and also the scenery and weather around you has been fully loaded and getting displayed, switch to the Aerosoft Airbus.
  21. Please start your FSX:SE into a default aircraft first. Only once the simulator has fully started and the default aircraft is getting completely shown switch into the Airbus.
  22. The update is currently being tested by beta testers. The update does not only contain the fix for this problem here, but also some other changes which need some proper testing before they can get released. If have no knowledge of an ETA.
  23. As it did not reach its destination, I would suggest to send the email again.
  24. There will be an update of the smaller buses soon which will fix this problem.
  25. Welcome to the forum! Please familiarize yourself with the forum structure before posting. We have dedicated support forums for all products. Furthermore, a topic title and a problem description should be a little bit more descriptive than "what about this". Please post a new topic into the correct forum and be more descriptive on the problem you are facing. Thank you.
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