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  1. You realize of course that by then there wasn't any MSFS around, right? There have been different projects in that past for this airport for FSX and P3D (all documented in this topic). The current version is in the hands of one of the most gifted developers and you can be sure that it will be released, once he sees his piece of art finished, and not a day later.
  2. Do you want to reinstall the ASUpdater or are you searching the ASUpdater to update your AS add-ons? In case you want to reinstall the ASUpdater: Every Aerosoft add-on you have that is supported by the updater is also able to install it. I would suggest to rename the following folder C:\Users\[YOU]\Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\ and reinstall any of your AS add-ons.
  3. Please have a look here:
  4. Please have a look into the forum you are about to post to, if your problem isn't already addressed in another post. In this case it is actually in the post right before yours:
  5. Please right click the download buttons and select "save link as...".
  6. Please post the following file here: Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\Logs\ASUpdater_App_Log.txt
  7. We have seen this a few times where the installed anti virus software did some stupid things. Please deactivate it temporarily and re-install one of you AS products. Don't forget to activate your anti virus software afterwards again.
  8. As stated in the post Bob linked in his answer to your question:
  9. Yes, at least not until there might be a PFPX update which implements the new file format. There is however no indication that such an update is in the making.
  10. Yes, as Oliver wrote, this tool registers your EDDF in P3D and is therefore required.
  11. Just follow the link in Olivers post right above yours.
  12. Please provide also the requested information from further up this topic.
  13. Das Setup kann Deinen Prepar3D Simulator nicht finden. Welche exakte P3D Version hast Du denn installiert und wo ist dessen Programmverzeichnis?
  14. The problem is getting analyzed, but no results yet. Please run this tool and attach the displayed system information to your post. ASVersionInfo_1101.zip
  15. Mit dem nächsten Update wird das Problem gelöst sein Ich kann Dir allerdings leider nicht sagen, wann es kommen wird.
  16. You don't need to download it, it is already installed on your system. Just hit the Windows key on your keyboard and start typing asupdater.
  17. Please run the AS Updater from your Windows menu. It will update your to
  18. If you upload the content of the "Logs" and the "Products" folder (each as a ZIP file) here, we can check what is going on on your machine.
  19. If you have the Microsoft Store version it is the same as the DVD version. For the Steam version I can only relate to the path given in the FAQ, as I don't have the Steam version installed. You can use the file search feature of your Windows file explorer and search for "aerosoft-crj". That should bring you to the "m" files.
  20. Please upload your screenshots directly into this topic.
  21. You can do a standard uninstall and then do this:
  22. Glad it works for you again Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  23. You need to get in touch with Microsoft support. The marketplace is an e-commerce system of Microsoft and Aerosoft has no access to it and is therefore also not able to provide any support for problems happening there.
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