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  1. As I told you already two weeks ago, please use the correct forum and request topic for your livery request. Actually you have found it already last Sunday...
  2. Well, you have something on your system that prohibits the Updater to access a network socket in order to connect to the update server. Do you have any other security software installed, like from a VPN client or 3rd party firewall? It might also be possible that the requested socket is already in use by another application, so please make sure to close all other applications while running the updater.
  3. Please make sure to run the updater as administrator to make sure it is not getting blocked by your Windows system.
  4. The old launcher can't be used for updates anymore. Just follow the instruction you quoted first, login into your Aerosoft shop account and download the new version from there.
  5. Mathijs is not the only one who grew up in Compuserve They had dial-in knots all over the world.
  6. This problem is related to the new year 2020. An update is already in the making.
  7. Doch, er funktioniert richtig. Er ist halt nur kein Flight Planner so wie SimBrief. Er hat nicht die gleichen Informationen zur Verfügung wie ein Planner, z.B. fehlt ihm die exakte Route und auch das exakte Wetter. Daher ist er für eine verlässliche Flugplanung nur begrenzt einsetzbar.
  8. Hello @klisura Please do not hijack Peter's topic, but open your own one. Thank you.
  9. Hallo, das Problem ist bereits bekannt und an den Entwickler gemeldet. Es sollte mit dem nächsten Update gelöst sein.
  10. Mathijs, it is not an issue with the latest update but with the year 2020. From the first of January on this happened to all IPS forums.
  11. This happened to all forums which use the IPS forum software. So I guess there will be an update available from the manufacturer soon.
  12. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  13. Hi Marty, the address "" belongs to your Oracle VirtualBox network interface. If you don't need it, I would suggest to disable it.
  14. Please open a command window (cmd.exe) and run: ipconfig /all > d:\ipconfig.txt The output will be written in that text file. You might want to change the location of the file. I don't want to suggest to attach it publicly to this topic, so just send it via PM to me.
  15. I assume you have two different network adapters in your PC and the connect pro binds itself to the wrong one. That would explain why it works with a local browser on not from any other machine. You can configure the order in which your network devices are used by Windows applications: - open the "Network and Sharing Center" - there go to "Change adapter settings" - get in to the "Advanced" menu and open the "Advanced Settings..." - in this list make sure to have your main network adapter on the top position:
  16. It is safe to share an internal IP address because no one beside you will be able to reach it. Please show us your internal IP address as also the address connect pro tells you to connect to.
  17. Hello Juergen, please make sure that there are no space/blank characters in either the email address and the serial number. There are web browsers that add such characters when copying something from a web page. If there are any such characters at any location in either field, please delete them.
  18. Happy New Year for you, too! As soon as there is something to report or show you will find it as usual in the preciew section here in the forum.
  19. Please post your PFPX OFP.
  20. And after the exact simulator please continue with the sceneries that do not work for.
  21. Just out of curiosity, what precise settings have you made?
  22. To be quite frank, the only one who is constantly insulting others in here, is you Ulmel. As you indicated that you don't want to follow up anymore and have made it also perfectly clear that you consider all the help, suggestions and offers you got in here as worthless I am going to close this topic. All the best for you in 2020 as well.
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