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  1. Hi, if you purchased it from Aerosoft you will find the link on the "Instant downloads" page in your Aerosoft shop account. There you will also find the serial number you need for the installation. Alternatively you can download also from the manufacturer website:
  2. Before you spend any money you can download and test it: From that version you will see what you get for your money and if it is good enough for you or not.
  3. 1309 is the AIRAC cycle of September 2013. Of course GATC is not getting updated every 28 days just to include the most recent AIRAC cycle. It just contains the cycle that was recent when it was released. For normal playing this is actually good enough. If you feel you need the most recent data, you have to buy it. Just like it is with all other add-on in the flight simulation world.
  4. Are you getting any kind of error messages? If so, please post a screenshot here. Or how else do you figure that the terrain is not getting loaded?
  5. Something must have happened on your computer so that PFPX lost the stored activation data. What happens if you just activate it again?
  6. You need to get in touch with FSPS and ask them to provide you with the latest installer version. This version has been provided to them the moment it was released by Aerosoft. They received your money and are getting paid for this service. Regarding your other questions: 1) No, your Aerosoft shop account only contains the products you bought from the Aerosoft shop 2) As I said, you need to get in touch with FSPS for that
  7. I would suggest that you search for *ENTO*.BGL files on your entire computer using the search feature of your Windows file explorer. Afterwards switch the View to Details so that folder names are also getting displayed. Now you can check if you have some file left on your machine not belonging to Aerosoft Sandeford Torp. If you are not sure you can also post a screenshot of the search results here. But please make sure to have the folder names fully (not truncated) displayed on it.
  8. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  9. Please create a support package and post it here as well.
  10. Please check the "Add-Ons" menu if you have a SODE entry in it, If not you should check your "SODE Platform Manager" (from the Windows start menu) if SODE is registered and activated for P3Dv4 on your system.
  11. Glad to read that Enjoy the CRJ! Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  12. The serial key is valid as you obviously used it already successfully upon installation. I can't tell what the problem with the update database is (the registration there is only needed if you want to download updates from there). But you can also download the latest version from the developer page.
  13. What if you navigate with your Windows file explorer to that given folder? Can you show us a screenshot of that, please?
  14. Not having a "Hifi" folder below "AppData\Roaming" means, that there is something wrong with your Active Sky installation. This has nothing to do with the SIMstarter. I would suggest to re-install Active Sky again. Please make sure to run the installer as administrator (right click the setup icon, the "run as administrator").
  15. From where have you bought PFPX? Version 1.28 is long outdated. If the shop from where you bought PFPX doesn't provide you with the latest version (2.03) you can download it either from the Aerosoft Update Database (follow the instructions behind the "i" link on top of the page) or the FlightSimSoft website (the developers of PFPX)
  16. You're welcome, Chris Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  17. If updating the VC++ Redistributable packages doesn't fix the problem on your machine, a complete re-installation of P3D is a proven cure for this issue.
  18. Please have a look into the pinned Q&A topic in this forum:
  19. Wenn Du den Wilco Airbus Vol. 1 bereits getestet hast wie Du schreibst, und herausgefunden hast, dass er unter Deinem Windows 10 nicht läuft, welches andere Ergebnis versprichst Du Dir davon, ihn noch ein zweites Mal zu kaufen? Grundsätzlich sind alle Download Produkte die Du bei Aerosoft kaufst vom Umtausch ausgeschlossen, sofern kerne technischen Gründe dafür vorliegen. Da die Systemvoraussetzungen auf der Produktseite nichts von Windows 10 sagen, würde ich nicht automatisch von Kompatibilität ausgehen. Darüber hinaus ist Wilco auch sehr deutlich, was unter Windows 8 (und aufwärts) geht und was nicht: Und hier ein Auszug aus dem markierten Link: Da Du aber ja ohnehin schon weisst, das der Airbus unter Windows 10 nicht läuft und Dein System die vom Hersteller vorgegebenen Systemanforderungen nicht erfüllt, ist ein Umtausch bzw. eine Rückgabe ausgeschlossen.
  20. So the question is who created that double entry? Maybe the FSFX setup you started a few minutes before the current version of the aircraft.cfg file was written the last time?
  21. The version is a complete new installer which you can download from the store from where you purchased LGSA. All shops have of course been provided with the new version.
  22. As there is already a support ticket for this there is no need to open a forum topic for it as well.
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