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  1. You need to switch to the second page of that window select the backups you want to delete (press Ctrl and left click every backup) press "Delete selected Backups"
  2. Please do not post copyright protected content into the forum.
  3. Please get in touch with
  4. There is nothing misleading at all. It is clearly listed in the: Not sure, how to get mislead by "box sale"... Also, the product page itself is more than clear on this:
  5. It obviously not only interferes with installers but also with already installed programs. Remember that your installed PFPX was obviously already blocked by it in the first place.
  6. Are you running the installer as administrator? (right click the program symbol, then select "run as administrator"). But something must have happened on your machine if all of a sudden a publicly available folder is not accessible anymore for an application. Have you installed any Windows update? With the Sysinternal Process Monitor you could check if some other process on your machine is blocking this folder.
  7. I have moved this into an own topic, as it isn't related to "repaint requests for the A330" at all.
  8. From the product page: The A330 will not work properly in any previous version.
  9. Can you login into your Navigraph charts from the chats app or cloud, without the A330 being involved?
  10. Hello Johannes, thanks. Do you have your "C:\Users\jdber\Documents" folder linked with Microsofts OneDrive cloud?
  11. Please open a Windows command windows (cmd.exe), type in SET and press Enter. Now resize the Window, that ALL displayed text, take a screenshot of it and post it here.
  12. The are both NOT the folders you are asked to specify: The "Prepar3d folder" is the P3D program folder, i.e. the folder in which the "Prepar3D.exe" file resides. The "Document folder" is you "Documents" folder. That is in your case "C:\Users\majed\Documents" If you configure these folders not correctly, PFPX can't calculate the add-on folders to put the flight plans in properly.
  13. That was a general misinterpretation of the P3D SDK when Lockheed Martin introduced the "add-on.xml" registration method in P3Dv3. This new registration method is actually the opposite of defining one fixed path, but leaving it 100% to the customer, where he wants his stuff to be installed to.
  14. SIMstater can update itself, and this should be enabled by default. If not, just get into the program settings and enable the automatic update and restart your SIMstarter.
  16. Because, as you can see from the release notes, the ASUpdater support was only added with this version. From now on updates will be able to get pushed through the ASUpdater. Before this simply wasn't possible.
  17. Dann folge bitte der Anleitung von Mopperle in seiner ersten Antwort an Dich. Wenn ein P3Dv4 Update für eines Deiner Add-Ons frei verfügbar ist, kannst Du es über die Update Datenbank herunter laden:
  18. I suggest you stick to the topic you already created for your problem and have already received 2 answers in.
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