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  1. Are you sure that you have installed AS_LONDON-HEATHROW_PROF_P3DV5_V2000.exe ?
  2. Please post a screenshot of the message(s) you are getting. Otherwise it is close to impossible to give any reasonable suggestions.
  3. Wenn Du Paderborn und Trondheim über den Marketplace im MSFS gekauft/installiert hast, dann erhälst Du Updates für diese Add-Ons ausschliesslich dort. Bei der Installation von Köln-Bonn wurde auch der AS Updater auf Deinem Rechner installiert, welcher Updates für dieses Add-On herunter laden und installieren kann. Du findest den AS Updater ganz einfach, indem Du die Windows Taste drückst und dann "updater" (ohne Anführungszeichen) eingibst. Du erhälst ihn dann direkt zum Start angeboten.
  4. That's what a product description on the product page in the shop is generally there for: Source: https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/popular-products/mega-airports/2182/mega-airport-zurich-v2.0-professional So if you are looking for certain functionality in a product which is not listed there, you simply should not expect it to be included anyway. And even more, you should not complain afterwards that it is not included. If a functionality is so important to you and you are not sure from the feature list in the shop you should ask pr
  5. No, that is not the case. You need to get to the online store where you bought your BER copy from and download the P3Dv5 compatible installer from your shop account there.
  6. You still haven't got the reason why Aerosoft will not jump in immediately and fix the problem? Then let me try to explain it to you one more time in form of a simple question: are you able to show me an Aerosoft Airbus which is getting affected by MSFS updates at the moment?
  7. That problem was related to using an add-on manager having disabled EDDK (i.e. having it not in the Community folder) and then having started the update. The update then was created into a none existing EDDK folder, so just the update files were found afterwards in the EDDK community folder. When using add-on managers it is mandatory to enable an add-on before installing any updates.
  8. Have you just run the original installer from the download, or have you fiddled around with the files in the "aerosoft-eddk" folder within the MSFS Community folder?
  9. Please read Mathijs' statement more carefully: He didn't said that P3Dv5 support is canceled completely. He just said, while LM is changing one part of the simulator with every update it doesn't makes any sense to update all add-ons for each and every version. Once you have done so, LM releases the next change which invalidates all update you have done before... That's what Mathijs said. Nothing more and nothing less. Most importantly he didn't say not to support P3Dv5 at all anymore. So please do not read something into a post which is simply not there.
  10. You need to reinstall the Airbus. But please make sure to: - have you anti virus software disabled - have any steam service running in the background disabled/stopped (check with task manager) - have your windows firewall enabled - run the installer of the Airbus as administrator (right click the program symbol, then select "run as administrator") Don't forget to enable your anti virus software afterwards again.
  11. If you bought from simMarket it will be available there shortly. @mopperle the latest update (2.1) is a full new installer. The auto updater just informs about the availability and tells you to get the new installer from where you bought SIMstarter.
  12. Mach Dir keine Sorgen, das ist "ganz normal". Microsoft/Asobo bereiten das nächste Update vor und aktualisieren bereits einzelne Pakete. Wenn dann der Simulator aktualisert wird, stehen diese Pakete dann gleich in der richtigen Version zur Verfügung. In der Zwischenzeit sorgt das leider für reichlich Verwirrung und es wäre sicherlich besser, wenn der Inhaltsmanager würde solche "vorbereitenden Updates" einfach nicht anzeigen würde.
  13. What exact Orbx FTX product(s) do you have installed?
  14. Anywhere outside of: C:\Program Files\ C:\Program Files (x86)\ C:\Users\[YOU]\Documents\ P3D Program Folder
  15. You should get in touch with Aerosoft support: https://desk.zoho.com/portal/aerosoft/home
  16. The standard Window Event Viewer Search for red ERROR entries written for MSFS.
  17. Eine Neuinstallation des P3D Clients sollte keinerlei Einfluss auf die Szeneriebibliothek haben, erst Recht nicht, wenn Du den SIMstarter benutzt. Der stellt doch beim P3D Start alles so ein, wie Du es in ihm konfiguriert hast.
  18. For the CRJ the answer is three posts above yours, for the Airbus this is the wrong topic All already available information about that can be found in this topic:
  19. Das hört sich doch sehr nach Anti Virus Software an...
  20. In here are all answers to the above questions (beside 42):
  21. Please answer the still open questions:
  22. Please run the EDDB config tool and switch from SFX to BER business.
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