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  1. You should have the paintkit in your shop account next to the download link of the F-16. But you will find it as well in the update database at
  2. Hello Graham, the P3Dv5 compatible version (1.30) has been released about a month ago and has been provided to all external stores the same moment. You should check with simMarket support why this version isn't available for you.
  3. Just one question: do you still use different AIRAC cycles in your Airbus and SimBrief? This is in general a big "NO NO". Everything can happen when you are using two different navigation database versions, from missing way points or airways and up to crashes. In your case the databases are 5 years apart from each other. You simply have to use identical AIRAC cycles in your aircraft and planing tools.
  4. Daniel, one other thought I haven't read in this topic so far: the "D3D10Warp.dll" belongs to the Direct X 3D graphics system of Windows which builds upon your graphics card driver and card. Are you on the latest version of the driver for your GTX 970 card? If yes and have this dll crashes happening you can try to get your fingers on an older version the driver and give it a try. This is just a thought, but in my opinion worth a try.
  5. The FSX/P3Dv3 (32bit) version of the Airbus expects the navigation databases here: Simulator Program Folder\Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback\NavDataPro\ Simulator Program Folder\Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback\Navigraph\ Per default there is no "Navigraph" folder as the Airbus only comes with the NavDataPro database. You need to make sure that your "Navigraph FMS Data Manager" points to the Fallback folder: Afterwards you need to run the "Airbus Configurator" and switch the navigation database from "NavDataPro" to "Navigraph".
  6. The installer just remembers to what folder your previous Aerosoft setup went to. So this is no hint on P3Dv5 compatibility of the version.
  7. Hi Marc, it will become available in the course of this day.
  8. Hi Petter, any particular reason why you linked me in your post?
  9. Please read the third post above yours
  10. Das wird auf der Produktseite beschrieben: In Deinem Shop Account findest Du oben auf der "Sofortdownloads" Seite den Link auf die Bestellungen im alten Shop:
  11. I am glad to read that Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  12. Deine Airbus Version ist nur mit den 32bit Simulatoren FSX, FSX:SE und P3Dv3 kompatibel. Für den 64bit Simulator P3Dv4 benötigst Du diesen hier: Auf der Seite findest Du auch die vorhandenen Update Angebote:
  13. That file is created by AirbusXConnectExtended and represents the current MCDU. Are you on the latest version of the 32bit buses, i.e. 1.31? There is also a fix available for the Connect application:
  14. Are you running "AirbusXConnectExtended.exe" as administrator?
  15. Make sure to run AirbusXConnectExtended/A3XXConnectPro application as administrator. That should fix that problem.
  16. Hi Phil, you need to update your FSMap to version 1.2.2. You can download it from the update database ( All previous versions have a bug in their license module related to the year 2020, which causes the "trial period ended" problem.
  17. It enumerates all your network interfaces and returns the IP address of the first one. If you have for example Oracle VirtualBox installed, it also installs a network interface into your system with an IP address. You might want to check for things like that on your system.
  18. Here you go:
  19. No, instead of using the new "Livery Installer" you can still use the old "Livery Manager".
  20. No, because they use two different connection types: the P3Dv3 version uses a peer-to-peer connection between two participants the P3Dv4 version uses a client-server connection, allowing for 3 active participants and unlimited "watch-only" participants These two connection types are not compatible to each other.
  21. Please follow up in this topic:
  22. I have seen this also with other applications that read traffic information from VATSIM. For me this looks like there is either a temporary problem in the VATSIM interface providing the data to 3rd party applications, or VATSIM has locked their interface down. In either case, this is not a PFPX problem.
  23. The Airbus Connect Pro is nothing else than a web page being displayed in a web browser. If the device you are using, comes with a web browser capable of displaying .jpg files and handle area maps, you are good to go.
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