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  1. Tom A320

    Download via Free Download Manager

    Der Download Manager ist nicht angemeldet am Shop und hat damit eine andere Session ID als Deine Anmeldung im Webbrowser. Damit wird er dann abgewiesen, da er nicht legitimiert ist.
  2. Tom A320

    Cologne-Bonn Update

    That would be a comment you should forward to simMarket.
  3. Tom A320

    Cologne-Bonn Update

    All updates are getting provided immediately after release to the other stores. Usually it doesn't take them too much time to update their file servers,so the update should be available there for you soon.
  4. Tom A320

    Bergen & Stavanger, Jo Erlend :)

    I wouldn't rule out any updates for Stavanger and Bergen in the future.
  5. Tom A320

    Bergen & Stavanger, Jo Erlend :)

    After Jo will finish also the 32bit version of Cologne/Bonn he will start working on Brussels.
  6. Tom A320

    Aerosoft Trondheim V2 - Texture missing

    Please don't get me wrong Jakob. We are not sending you over to Hifi because its their installer and we want to play it easy. We would love to be able to help you. Problem is, we don't know what their installer is doing in detail on your system. We don't have it's code, we can't check it. They have it and they can check it. Additionally, this is the first time that a problem like this which is caused by the Hifi installer reported here in the forum or at Aerosoft support. So we don't have a history where we could simply look back and see what the previous solution had been. If so, we would have done that of course!
  7. Tom A320

    Aerosoft Trondheim V2 - Texture missing

    But don't you see the logic? Your problem started exactly the moment you installed ASCA. Before everything was fine as you said yourself. And also as you said yourself, after uninstalling ASCA everything was fine again. So there must be something in the ASCA installer causing these problems on your computer. This is simple cause and effect logic. Of course you paid for this Aerosoft product, and of course you can ask here for help. But we simply can't help with something that is proven to get messed up by another installer. You also paid for the Hifi product, and have therefore every right to chase them for what their installer is doing on your system.
  8. Tom A320

    Aerosoft Trondheim V2 - Texture missing

    Have you followed up on the things Hifi suggested to you in your previous topic? As all this only started after installing ASCA please get in touch with Hifi to get your problems fixed.
  9. Tom A320

    Lagging issue

    Is it possible that you told PFPX to update all stored routes when you started it the first time after installation? That of course takes some time and PFPX will use all resources your Windows will provide.
  10. Tom A320

    FSUIPC in Pepar3Dv4

    Warum postest Du eine Frage erneut, auf die Du gestern bereits eine Antwort erhalten hast?
  11. Tom A320

    CTD and BSoD after update

    The crash in the KERNELBASE.dll points directly towards the drivers in your system. This file is the gate that is used by Windows applications to the low level system functions (Windows kernel + hardware drivers). Also, a Windows application (running in user mode) can NEVER EVER cause a BSoD. This can only be caused by drivers (running in kernel mode).
  12. Tom A320

    A320/21 Extreme lag FSX SE

    The Airbus can't load the navigation database. The folder looks a little bit odd to me. You must have massively altered the standard folder configuration of the Airbus. This is the default folder for the NavDataPro navigation data for the Airbus: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\DLC\500201\Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback\NavDataPro\
  13. Tom A320

    Fairbanks Pro won't install

    Just do what the instruction tells you there: when ordering the new professional version of Fairbanks enter the serial of your X version into the voucher field and hit the ">" right next to it. The update discount will then be added to the purchase.
  14. You will find version 1.10 in your shop account ready for download.
  15. Tom A320

    Fairbanks Pro won't install

    Hi Steve, have a look here Source: