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  1. And where do you see a link to "calendar week" in that quote? The "connection" of if to be a calendar week was done by users, although the origins of the number had been explained already. A number without any unit measure says nothing - that's the idea behind 42 and that's what made it so famous in Douglas Adams' book.
  2. I did that with quite a number of my add-ons (incl. EDDB Pro v5) and it all worked as it should have. The screenshot is not from Aerosoft One. What installer have you started that came up with that error message?
  3. While this problem still persists in the Windows app you can use the web charts in your prefered web browser: https://navdatapro.aerosoft.com/
  4. I just tried it myself and my app behaves the same. Seems like a general problem at the moment. There have been another problem with certificates today. Maybe this is related. I will forward this to the developers.
  5. Please try the following: get into the NDP web app, switch to the "Settings" page and generate a login code: Afterwards use this code instead of the long serial number when logging in within the NDP windows app.
  6. Aerosoft One will show add-ons only as "installed" if they had been installed through Aerosoft One, and are located now in the "Aerosoft One Library". If you hit the "install" button, the uninstaller of the installer version will be called. Afterwards you will be able to install the add-on through Aerosoft One again. That's just a question of a hand full of mouse clicks. Advantage of doing so is, that the add-on will from now on be managed by Aerosoft One, including getting updated.
  7. You can start the configurator manually directly from the Aerosoft One Library: \Aerosoft One Library\Add-ons\p3dv5-ac60-AS14312\userHome~Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\Cologne-Bonn Professional - P3Dv5\Configuration Tool\Cologne Bonn - Configuration Tool.exe
  8. Once you uninstall an add-on to reinstall it through Aerosoft One it will no longer be shown in AS Updater.
  9. That is correct. Aerosoft One needs to install add-ons by itself in order to be able to manage (update) them. If you click on "installieren" the uninstaller (of the manually installed version) will be started and afterwards you can install EGLL again thorugh Aerosoft One.
  10. Hello Arseni, Aerosoft One does not update add-ons which have been bought through the MFSF marketplace. They can only be updated through the marketplace itself, aș Microsoft add some DRM stuff to the original files. With Aerosoft One you can manage all supported add-ons which have been bought through any other store.
  11. Alle Shops werden automatisch mit Updates versorgt in dem Augenblick, in dem ein Update freigegeben wird. Es liegt dann an den Shops wie lange sie benötigen, um ein Update ihren Kunden zur Verfügung zu stellen. Du kannst nun entweder darauf warten, dass simMarket seinen Download aktualisiert, oder Du verwendest Aerosoft One für die Verwaltung Deiner Aerosoft Add-Ons: https://one.aerosoft.com/
  12. If you installed an add-on via Aerosoft One, updates will only be provided through Aerosoft One (and not AS Updater). If you installed an add-on via an installer, updates will be provided through AS Updater (and not Aerosoft One). You can logout from Aerosoft One at any time and login again using any account you wish.
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