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  1. Hi; If I am using P3Dv4.5 would I benefit anything by updating my scenery with the new P3Dv5 updates, or are these specific to P3Dv5 only, and should not be used? Thanks.
  2. SOLVED I upgraded to the Professional version and all is correct now. Thanks for reply. Michael.
  3. I just purchased Frankfurt EDDF but do not have any visible Ramp surface (image attached). I am using P3Dv4, is their a problem with this scenery and P3Dv4? Thanks.
  4. Can someone say what are the two files in the sub folder "FlyTampaKBOS" for as shown in image? If I have FlyTampa Boston installed why do I get this "red statement" on the Boston "Scenery Density Switch" ? Thanks.
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