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  1. Hello jcagle, Those simobject files, that did the trick my friend F-14X Works great now it launches off the deck like a flying pegasus lol Thank you for your prompt service product support. Thank you.
  2. Oh you bought it from FSPilotshop... I bought mines from Aerosoft. I went into the Aerosoft store login and i downloaded the v2.02 i think they have to update those files on there?
  3. I'm using Take-off assistance ARM keypress [Shift+I] and letting the gear compress while it attaches? but it keeps coming up it won't stay down to attach to the catapault launcher?
  4. I'm using (v2.02) with FSX Acceleration... But i lost the Hotfix when I had to reinstall windows 7 for a clean reinstall.
  5. Hello Cagle, can you post the download Hotfix for the F-14X Extended ... I having problems with launching off the cats seems the Nose strut won't kneel all the way down? Thanks.
  6. Is it recommended you delete the old F-14X Version and Install the new extended version? I deleted the old version and disable all firewall software. Another thing In the FSX Select Aircraft It installed 17 F-14A varients in Aersoft section, and in a different select aircraft folder called Tom Stovall It installed 5 F-14B varients? Why did it separate it instead of in Aerosoft section?
  7. So far all systems check ok. Tonight I'll take her out for a spin on VATSIM.
  8. Hello gentlemen, how is everything going with the new updated F-14 Extended version going? just touching base hope is all well. Have a good day.
  9. Thats ok I'll just simulate the injection process.
  10. Is it to late in the update design process to ask for a functional ejection seat somewhat like in the VRS F/A-18E? I would pay for the extra safety feature.
  11. I'm assuming they will let us know when it will be available on the Aerosoft download-Shop?
  12. I purchased my F-14X Direct from Aerosoft will the update be in my download-Shop account?
  13. I got a feeling we won't be expecting this as promised?... In that respect again take your time I'll be patient all be it as it may. hope the manual will be easy to conprehend and intuitive. Thanks for such a great product. Remember don't work to hard, work smart.
  14. Thank you for working on all these systems. The F-14 will always be my favorite jet to fly It really is an iconic aircraft with an outstanding record.
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