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  1. ICAO: LICTNAME: Trapani "Birgi" (Sicily / South of Italy)TYPE: DonationwareFS: FS9DESIGNER: Albysim Scenery DesignLINK: Developer Website: http://albysimsd.hostoi.com/FS9-FS2004-trapani-LICT-scenery-overview.htm Download location: https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=210339 (Available on Simviation and Simfligt.com too)
  2. ICAO: HEMANAME: Marsa Alam Int. Airport (Egypt)TYPE: DonationwareFS: FS9DESIGNER: Albysim Scenery Design (http://www.albysimsd.hostoi.com)LINK: http://www.albysimsd.hostoi.com/FS9-FS2004-marsa-alam-HEMA-scenery-overview.htm AES 2.45
  3. Version 1.0.0


    With great pleasure we inform you that, as you might have seen, with the new version 2.41 of AES the Albysim Mombasa HKMO scenery is included in the AES supported airports. To celebrate this event together with the users of our scenery and with the world simmers community, we painted the “Mombasa AES set” for all 20 AES vehicles so that they are now very well integrated with the other vehicles of our scenery. You can download AES 2.41 from the Aerosoft website and the demo/free version of our “Mombasa HKMO” scenery from www.albysimsd.hostoi.com. Read please the “Release notes (read me).htm” included in the zipfile of this AES repainted set for the information about the repaints install in FS9. We remind you that our "Santorini LGSR big scenery" (www.albysimsd.hostoi.com) is supported by AES too with our custom AES vehicles repaints. Thank you and happy landings on Mombasa :-) Alby & Team
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Hi friends ! This repaint is an an optimization to ensure that the Aerosoft AES service match in the best way with our Santorini scenery for FS2004. We noticed that the default AES vehicles textures don’t fit well with the apron vehicles placed in our scenery. Therefore we have painted a new AES texture set with a color scheme which match much more better with the veichles already placed in the Albysim Santorini scenery. The repainted set include: 2 stairs, 1 belt loader, 1 cleaning vehicles, 1 follow me Mercedes Vito, 3 catering trucks, 1 water service truck, 1 fuel pump, 1 fuel truck At this time (24 October 2015) the passengers busses are not implemented by AES. Anyway we have included in the AES texture set 3 bus texture too (hoping for a future upgrade of AES that includes the bus functionality, already requested to Oliver, the AES developer) The pushback tractors repaint are not included (whether by AES that in the textures repaint) because the Santorini apron is "drive-through": the aircrafts doesn’t require pushback service and can taxi forwards out of the stand. Have fun with our scenery and the new AES service and vehicles repaints. Don’t forget to check our site www.albysimsd.hostoi.com and to subscribe our Facebook page so you can know in realtime all news about our current and future projects ! Albysim Scenery Design Team
  5. ICAO: LGSR NAME: Santorini Island (Greece) TYPE: Donationware FS: FS9 DESIGNER: Albysim Scenery Design - 2012 LINK: http://www.albysimsd.hostoi.com/EN_santorini.htm NOTE: This scenery has had over 5300 downloads (on Avsim.net + Flightsim.com + Simviation.com). The airport don’t have finger, only one taxiway and only 4 gates (so adding AES animations should be quite simple). Thank you in advance.
  6. I kindly request this scenery for AES: ICAO: LIBD NAME: Bari Palese Macchie (Italy) TYPE: Freeware FS: FS9 DESIGNER: Albysim Scenery Design - 2011 LINK: http://www.albysimsd.hostoi.com/EN_bari.htm NOTE: this scenery has had almost 10.000 downloads (on Avsim.net + Flightsim.com + Simviation.com). I (the developer) am ready to make any changes requested to make my scenery compatible with AES
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