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  1. I fixed it by changing Yugoslavia to Serbia in the CountryCodes.txt file in PFPX Data. I tried adding BK for Kosovo, but Pristina (BKPR) remains in Serbia, it seems PFPX won't recognise it as a separate country. Is there another way to do this?
  2. Hello, I noticed this for the first time today, Yuguslavia lives on in PFPX. What is the source of the countries and can they be updated somehow? Thanks!
  3. ...and I see 1.0.6 for v4.5 has just been released.
  4. Hi Giorgio, Apparently 1.03 is the latest for v4.5, but according to the developer, an update is in the works. See the following post:
  5. The developer is aware of the issue, apparently the v4 versions are to receive an update soon to solve this issue:
  6. @Jo Erlend What is the correct setup to have Oslo and Trondheim in both P3Dv4 and P3Dv5 as far as the SODE files above are concerned?
  7. I've now noticed that the recently updated ENGM also has X's for windsocks, with the following xml files: If I remove this for P3Dv5, I'll lose them for P3Dv4 as well?
  8. Sorry, I just found the thread moved from the German forum saying I should delete the v4 xml files. If I remove them, won't I lose all SODE features in P3Dv4?
  9. Hello, Having just updated Trondheim to v1.0.6 in P3Dv5, I've noticed pink X's all over the airport. How can I remove those? I assume it has to do with SODE (1.7.1 installed) because it is targeting windsocks and jetways, among other things.
  10. Hi Jo, thanks, it worked perfectly.
  11. Hello, The config tool for v1.0.4.0 (P3Dv5) doesn't appear to be working and generates the errors in the attached log. I have also tried running the app as admin. When I reopen the app, none of my selections have been saved. Aerosoft - Vaernes v2 - ConfigTool.exe.log
  12. Hello, Please could someone do an Air Namibia A319, e.g. V5-ANN: Or convert the Airbus X (fictional) A320 to A319? Thanks! Chad
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