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  1. The culprit is a program called X-Mouse Control. Simply disable it when running P3D V5 and the problem goes away. You can disable / enable even when P3D V5 is running.
  2. I've done a complete uninstall and re install and, without installing ChasePlane; the problem persists.
  3. This is a LM problem, Same happens with A2A 172 and PMDG 747-8
  4. I have the exact same problem. Only ChasePlane installed. Shift key and it works. New window and it works too. Please could someone provide a solution. A320 and A330! Latest downloads of the planes and P3D V5 HF2. Thank you.
  5. Small point but it would be nice if the left and right ND's operated independently of each other as in the A330. Thanks.
  6. I had some MCDU issues which were resolved by a reinstall and a restart. Also, on the original install something went wrong with one of the MS installs. That too was corrected second time around. Just a thought.
  7. OK. Thanks for your time. Maybe there is a dimension somewhere in a .cfg file which sets the size of the popup? Not a big problem; I can live with it.
  8. That's what I have in P3D. My monitor is a Samsung CF791 34" 3440x1440 and that's the resolution setting I have in the Nvidia 1080ti settings.
  9. Have P3D set as above. Please don't spend too much time on this because it's easy to resize but it would be great of it popped up in proportion. I bought the A330 based on and
  10. Very silly me. I think something went wrong with one of the MS installs when I installed the plane. Then I did not do a restart. Now I've reinstalled and restarted and all is good. Sorry to have wasted your time. Another small point on the MCDU popup. I run a 3440x1440 monitor. Is there a config somewhere to change the size of the popup to normal dimensions instead of the stretched image? Thanks and Happy New Year.
  11. Thanks but did not work. I can change the state of the aircraft with the LSKL buttons from memory on the a320 but still nothing on the screen. LSKL2 seems to be turn around and LSLL4 seems to be powered up for TO but that's guessing. I'm up to date with too.
  12. A330. Pop Up left is fine and works. Pop Up right is for changing things like aircraft state etc but when it pops up it's blank so I cannot change anything or load anything. What am I missing please? Thank You. Christopher Stanley VTCC
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