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  1. Hi, i'm here with another problem (the last one). When i load my aircraft from a320 to a333 the interior light are always on. It's not a tragedy but everytimes i need to use the internal switch and put the lights off before starting. This is normal? Thanks
  2. now it work. Thanks for you post. I still have one problem but i'm going to post in the right section. thanks a lot
  3. Ciao attached the P3d Version. No third shader installed No way point selected. i'm just load the aircraft in ready to taxi state thanks
  4. Hi all and thanks for this bus. i have one small problem. It's seems that I don't have circle line in ND (immage attached). I have also the A320 and no problem at all. Could you please help me?
  5. Hi aerosoft team I have a problem whit madrid 2008 the problem is the same for London 2008, sometimes when arrived at the airport the fs9 going in crash london for uot of memory and this problem is never solve for me, and madrid give me a error atc.dll this things happening only on landing and never departing can someone tell me somethings?
  6. No because i dont find the way to be do where i can find updates?
  7. I have a problem from when i installed the MAF and GA1 the ils don't doing its job fine, untill intercept the LOC everythings going fine but when the aircraft align to the runway the nose plane go down and the plane crash 5 nm from the runway or intercept the LOC and when it's align the GS not engage the strange things is this problem occour only whit this 2 airports. the solution can be to overwrite the AFCAD for those airports? tanks dani
  8. This is some screenshoot from my flight EGLL-EDDM passing trought frankfurt airport enjoy that:
  9. Thanks SAF i'm try but this utilitis work with flight one ultimate traffic?
  10. hi i'm using your scenary wonderful madeira, i have ultimate traffic installed but i dont see any traffic in madeira airport only my aircraft how do to add active traffic to madeira?
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