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  1. Hello guys, I went to Prepar3d V4.1, and I realized that PFPX configuring it as before with Prepar3d V3.4, does not accept the connection to receive weather data from AS16, why? Alessandro
  2. Ok, thanks, the problem seems to be fixed. Alessandro
  3. Okay, let's hope someone can help me. Alessandro
  4. Hello guys, I got prep3d V3.4 and I have never had problems with this airport now that I have installed ORBX FTX GLOBAL BASE-VECTOR-LC EUROPE, I have set the resolution mesh to 10 m as a manual, and it appears to me that you see in the Screenshot, while for example I tried Rome Fiumicino, and it works all properly; I look forward to your thanks Alessandro
  5. Good evening, I can not register on the site, the last step to overcome the problem of mathematics, very simple, it seems that does not go forward, because I always proposes another math problem. Aletaras
  6. Hello guys, I have the flight simulator Lockheed Martin Prepar3D 2.5; as has been solved the problem of the PAPI lights and the runway, the Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg, you can solve the same problem in the Mega Airport Lisbon V 2.0? thank you Aletaras
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