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  1. A suggestion that an EDDS addon airport might sell fairly well...
  2. New Frontier liveries would be much appreciated addition to the library.
  3. well, then you can d/l the flybe model and land on the beach! Logan air is no longer under BA, but Flybe now.
  4. How's this for a first post? (been lurking here for years, can't believe I never registered!) I'm not quite done yet, and this is my third ever repaint, and first that will be released. This is for Alaskan flyers, a fictional Ultima Thule Lodge Twin Otter (The real lodge uses a turbo otter, but not a twin) This was just a simple repaint but even so, I spent six hours swearing at GIMP. Don't know how some of these prolific painters do it, my hat is off. give me a couple days, and I'll have it finished
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