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  1. HELLO EVERYONE AND REPAINTERS, Today I was flying with the TOE in the Caribbean as I usually do and I was wondering if anyone would be kind to make these repaints so that anyone could have fun and also enjoy flying the otter in the Caribbean as I do. Because I'm from a small Island called St Barts where the runway is pretty small and where the Twin Otter is one of the Best Aircraft to fly here. So If anybody who knows how to repaint can you please make these liveries for us it would be much appreciated I'm sure. Special Mexican Livery Air Antilles Express Winair New Colors w/o the 50 or 60 anniverssary logo Winair OLD COLORS Carib Aviation Air Caraibes old Colors Air Guadeloupe Old Colors Air Martinique Old Colors (I couldn't find the TO pics for this airlines so instead I've put the ATR and Dornier 228 they were in the same colors) PS: if all of those textures could be made it would be the best of the best for many pilots around the world because it's very very fun to fly around the caribbean and do some Island hopping. Each of those means a lot to me and I might start and Caribbean VA Alliance that can group all of those liveries so that would be a great deal for the Twin Otter team as I will provide them with only the textures. So they'll have to buy the plane and to download the textures from you(repainters) directly. Can you let me know by email: anthony.gumbs@gmail.com if someone can do these repaints Thanks to all, and thanks to the TOE team.
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