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  1. Hello Mark,


    Many thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it!


    I am clearly missing many steps in the merging, converting and flipping process.

    I might be OK with merging and converting however, but flipping is something new to me. :))


    I will nevertheless try the steps you wrote above and hopefully I will succeed.

    In any case, is there perhaps a step-by-step guide for the entire process?

    It would defintely help a lot.


    Thanks and regards,

  2. Hi again,


    My problem actually is that if I open the .psd file for the cockpit (AeroSoft_PAINTKIT_MAINPNL_DXT3.psd or AIRBUSX_VC_PREPARV4_MAINPANEL_C.psd), make some changes only on the registration area and than I save it and than convert it to a .dds, this is what I get.

    Apparently, textures are missing, but I do not know where.

    Or am I missing to activate some layers in the .psd before saving?

    Since normally, the .dds files are 4-5 MB, while I only get a 2 MB file after converting from .psd to .dds!?


    Any help would be really appreciated. :))




    Many thanks,


  3. Hi,


    I would like to change only the registration number and the SELCAL code within a A320/A321 livery, is there a tutorial how to do this?

    So I would only make changes within the cockpit, I do not want to touch the external graphics.


    First of all, which file is to be used?


    I am using the leatest version of AEROSOFT PROFESSIONAL_P3DV4_V1310.exe.


    Many thanks for your help in advance!


    Best regards,


  4. Hi,


    I have just reinstalled Prepar3D and Airbus PRO to the latest versions and what I notice is that I need to put N1 to at least 40+ % so that the aircraft starts taxiing. It is with less than 50% fuel, so the aircraft is not heavy.

    Before it was enough to put N1 to around 30% to start the Bus taxiing.

    Now the engines are turning on relatively high ratio only for taxiing!? Is this normal?


    Please advise,


    Many thanks,


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