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  1. Thanks Bob for your reply! It is however weird why it shoulds not be installed there since all other Aerosoft sceneries are installed in this folder, and this is the folder that is automatically offered by the installer!? Anyway, I will install it somewhere else. Regards, Denes
  2. Hi, When trying to install EDDM, the below error message is received!? Can you please advise where to install this scenery if the aerosoft folder is rejected?? Many thanks, Denes
  3. Hello Mark, Many thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it! I am clearly missing many steps in the merging, converting and flipping process. I might be OK with merging and converting however, but flipping is something new to me. :)) I will nevertheless try the steps you wrote above and hopefully I will succeed. In any case, is there perhaps a step-by-step guide for the entire process? It would defintely help a lot. Thanks and regards, Dénes
  4. Hi again, My problem actually is that if I open the .psd file for the cockpit (AeroSoft_PAINTKIT_MAINPNL_DXT3.psd or AIRBUSX_VC_PREPARV4_MAINPANEL_C.psd), make some changes only on the registration area and than I save it and than convert it to a .dds, this is what I get. Apparently, textures are missing, but I do not know where. Or am I missing to activate some layers in the .psd before saving? Since normally, the .dds files are 4-5 MB, while I only get a 2 MB file after converting from .psd to .dds!? Any help would be really appreciated. :)) Many thanks, Dénes
  5. Hi, I would like to change only the registration number and the SELCAL code within a A320/A321 livery, is there a tutorial how to do this? So I would only make changes within the cockpit, I do not want to touch the external graphics. First of all, which file is to be used? AeroSoft_PAINTKIT_MAINPNL_DXT3.psd or AIRBUSX_VC_PREPARV4_MAINPANEL_C.psd ? I am using the leatest version of AEROSOFT PROFESSIONAL_P3DV4_V1310.exe. Many thanks for your help in advance! Best regards, Dénes
  6. Hi, Please advise when can we expect a proper installer without broken links and a working livery manager. Many thanks, Denes
  7. Hi, Installing the new version 1310, the livery manager is gone. The shortcuts are installed, but it cannot find the actual file. The Livery Manager A318-A319.exe can however be located manually in the A330 folder, but it does not show a single livery!? I am a bit confused, looking for assistance. Thanks, Denes
  8. Hi, I have just reinstalled Prepar3D and Airbus PRO to the latest versions and what I notice is that I need to put N1 to at least 40+ % so that the aircraft starts taxiing. It is with less than 50% fuel, so the aircraft is not heavy. Before it was enough to put N1 to around 30% to start the Bus taxiing. Now the engines are turning on relatively high ratio only for taxiing!? Is this normal? Please advise, Many thanks, Dénes
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