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  1. @DaveCT2003 If a antivirus on onehand detect things, and opens something else in another spot, then that does not really make a difference. Of course it is hard to believe that Windows is now better then any of the other paid solution, where it was the badest about 2 years ago. I was always under the impression that bitdefender, KArspersky, Eset and I think bullguard, at the top the antivirusses. And it really depends on what comparing site you visit, to find the top 10. I for instance check Virus Bulletin or https://www.av-comparatives.org/comparison/ Rob
  2. I am a bit late in this discussion. But this is the second time I read this. Microsoft Defender is more safe then any of the Antivirus producers. I think that those with a bad taste about MS Defender is from the XP period. Where it worked but was even below any of the free AV's. Just been looking into some statistics, and I saw that indeed it was bad, back then. But every year they became a bit better. Where I thnk that Defender in Win10 is better then the Win7 version. The question now is, would I want to change from Windows 7 to Windows 10? Getting more security, but at the same time, handing over the content of all my mails and documents (Privacy issue). This is a bit in contrast with Online Virtual Pilots Association - OVPA, where they demand a specific AV in case you would like to do Shared cockpit. They said it was because of several virtusses etc living in the wild, that would enter your pc via the connected port. Greetings, RobB
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