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  1. Oliver Thanks for the answer - so AES Base pack must always be at Number 1 in the Scenery Library? I never saw this message in ver 2.06 and earlier!! I've just used ver 2.07 with Aerosoft's German Airports Vol 3 (+MTX 5.3) - awesome. I am writing a review on Dirk Stuck's Ground Traffic X and I found a slight interaction between AES and GTX which to me didn't detract from the experience, they can co-exist together. Thanks again Regards PeterH
  2. Bruce Thanks for that tip - I had the same issue post 2.07 but not seen in 2.06 - lucky I guess. Regards PeterH
  3. Hi Oliver Since upgrading to ver 2.07 each time I open FSX I get a message asking me to ensure that the AES basepack has top priority in the FSX scenery library and it does it for me automatically. Will I always get this message and does AES always have to be a position 1 in the scenery library? Thanks PeterH
  4. Joachim Those weights work perfectly Thanks PeterH
  5. Joachim Thanks - I'll adjust for every flight. Regards PeterH
  6. James Thanks for that - further testing shows it has no effect on take-off performance. Regards PeterH
  7. Hi Support Any response for this please? Thanks pH
  8. Hi I notice in the aircraft payload menu for the BM that it is 74 (approx 34Kg) pounds overweight. Is this due to water ballast being full every time FSX starts? It doesn't seem to affect take-off performance. The un-powered glider is only 8 pounds (approx 3.7Kg) overweight. Is it anything to worry about? - Just ignore it? PeterH
  9. Joachim I tried again and the "crash" occurs with the engine stowed and me increasing the throttle on my Saitek X-52, but it is intermittent it does not occur on every flight and it is only the BM. Probably idiosyncratic. Regards PeterH
  10. Joachim Thanks for that. The CTD seems to have resolved itself due to me being more familair with the glider. I was trying to start the engine when it had been stowed and that seemed to be the issue. Thanks again for the assistance. Regards PeterH
  11. Mathijs & B21 Many thanks for the info. This is awesome to fly and it is a quantum leap over the default glider. Any tips on the "SOUNDS" question? Regards PeterH
  12. Mathjis Just took delivery of the Discus - awesome. In the sticky notes above wrt water ballast you state: "use the aircraft menu to empty it when desired". Silly question but how do you access the "Aircraft Menu". Sounds: Are there any tips or tricks on how to use the 200 or so additional sounds as referenced in the manual under Aerosoft Sound Control? For example what is the "ID Code"? Is the "STATIC PORT SWITCH", the same as the "Flight Pressure Nozzle", and the same as the "Static Source"? Just to report I have had two CTDs with the BM only when attempting to stow the engine or reduce the throttle (in flight), but I was not quick enough to see the body of the error and will try to reproduce. The other models seem fine. Thanks PeterH
  13. Hi Manuel ansd Shaun Good suggestion re transparent/blank panel- will try and report back. Shaun - Yes it was the developer who suggested I posted here in case there was a simple fix such as that suggested by Manuel. Thanks again PeterH
  14. Hi Support I am a registered owner of the Aerosoft Beaver X and I also run Russel Dirk's FS Force for my Saitek FF Joystick. As part of the functionality of the FS Force program is that it "installs" a trim gauge in the 2D Panel. Unfortunately because the Beaver has no 2D panel I get a message each time I select the Beaver in FSX stating that the trim gauge is not installed on this plane. Is there a workaround for this and would it be possible to insert the gauge (accessed via the 1 and 7 numeric keys) in the VC? I am running FSX SP2 in WinXP Pro SP2, all other payware aircraft install the trim gauge without issue. Thanks PeterH
  15. Hi Guys Many thanks for the responses, I have now discovered the updgrade and by switching between the VC and the zoomed GPS I can achieve the same effect. Regards PeterH
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