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  1. ABSOLUTELY CONFIRMED!!!! 5 flights with the CRJ700. 5 times, I have the FMS set as DIR----> Menbo. FMS source is FMS1. On direct heading and on the white line. Select "Nav" switch and autopilot immediately commands a left turn. Plane just turns to the left through 270 degrees of turn Until I take over and, using heading hold or hand flying, manually send the aircraft toward Menbo. This aircraft is grounded until this is sorted out.
  2. Complete uninstall of the Aerosoft CRJ package. All antivirus disabled. Restart. Install a freshly downloaded copy. Still have the issue. Any of the flood lights (Floor, overhead switch, etc) I turn on will turn off after a second or two. The switch itself does not move.
  3. I'm going to try a complete re-download and re-install, just to rule out any quirks from that. Will advise once completed.
  4. I've search the forum and found a few complaints about the interior lights that were fixed by turning on the INTEG light switch on the center pedestal. This does, indeed, turn on the panel back lighting (the glow behind the switches), however I cannot get any the "Dome" lights to stay on. Turning on any dome light, or the captain side floor light, and the light turns on for a second, then immediately shuts off. No amount of cycling the switches seems to help. Dome light comes on for a sec, then goes out. Any ideas?
  5. I have this issue as well. Have tried everything in this thread and am working through a "ticket" with Aerosoft. No solution forthcoming. P3Dv4 and Windows 10 pro.
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