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  1. Thanks Snave - sorry to have wasted your time it is indeed for FS2004 only
  2. Hi Guys, After recently reinstalling my Do27 (had a new HDD fitted) into FSX I came across a patch (1.2) which i've downloaded and tried to install (my version is 1.0) - however I cannot get past the reinstall page from Flight1 as it keeps asking for my 'key file'? If i try the reinstall via email option it doesnt recognise me as I didnt download the plane from there! Any ideas how to obtain my 'key file'? Is the patch available here? had a look but cant find it? Cheers Mick UK Just a thought - is this patch for FS9 only??
  3. SOLVED! I hadnt ran FSX so hadnt created the .cfg file - oops! I have had to do a complete reinstall of XP Pro SP2 onto a new HDD after a HDD failure - i've reinstalled FSX to my D drive as D:\FSX, i've installed up to FSX/SP2 and successfully installed your fabulous Do27 - however when I attempt to install Beaver X I get the following error message and the install doesnt complete (it gets to about 99%) INSTALL ERROR FEATURE TRANSFER ERROR Feature: Default Feature Component: Flights File: <USER FLIGHT>\ Error: The file name,directory name or volume syntax is incorrect I've scoured this forum without finding a cure for this Anyone got any idea how to fix-it ?? Mick UK
  4. Hi Shaun, I guess you mean in the FSX UI Scenery library - cheers mate i'll try that Mick
  5. Since installing MyTrafficX today I keep getting the following error message when opening FSX (pressing OK sorts it & FSX loads ok afterwards); Scenery.cfg file error ... (scenery\Traffic2005AFD\SCENERY) in Area.116 not found ... I've checked my scenery.cfg in FSX main folder and my scenery ends at Area.115 ? Any ideas? I used to have Traffic 2005 which was a b-gger to totally uninstall! But I dont think the entries are connected as theres a Traffic2005 folder in the main traffic folder. Mick
  6. NO Solutions then guys? Can the textures be resized? Mick
  7. I've noticed a terrible drop in FPS with the Do27 as against the BeaverX - from 25+ with the Beaver to 8-10 with the Do27 - and cant find a cure! I've tried reducing the panel resolution to low 400x400 and hidden the co-pilot but nothing works? Exterior view is only around 14fps as opposed to the beaver which is 20-25fps, the VC is even worse dropping to 9-10 from 20+ with the beaver - FSX default aircraft are exceeding 30+ in all views! reducing my sliders offers no solution either. I dont have a high-ender just a 2GB, 3GHZ HT Prescott & a 7800GS but havent had a problem with any other add-ons but this! Anyone got any solutions?? I found one at but it wasnt very helpful - something about re-loading the .cfg ?? Mick
  8. Thanks chris - cant believe theres no in-built program adjustment for this? the GPS really is small ! Mick
  9. Guys, I've looked through the manual but can find no reference to increasing the size of the GPS - can it be done ? If so - how so ? :?: Its way to small for me & my bins! Mick
  10. Thanks Shaun - still cant get logged in same message everytime? Tried new password etc, etc! Have e-mailed support hoping they can give me a direct link ? POMAK
  11. Hi, I'm trying to locate the BeaverX update - I cant get logged into the 'FAQ/update' area as it keeps giving me an IE error 'page cannot be displayed' after logging in. Where do i get this baby? i've got the download version. I'm on AOL BB. Thanks, Any news on Dornier for FSX ?
  12. Any patch in the pipeline for the Do27 to work with FSX? Or can you get it to work at all now? Hi everyone - newbie ! Mick
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