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  1. Yes. Especially when performance on my system is fantastic. I have no issues with stutters or smoothness.
  2. Just for additional information, I tried same plan of CYYZ to CYUL in the 700, and everything was picture perfect until I reached TOC. At that point, went to setup arrival information and I got as far as selecting the ILS and the SIM froze instantly. Only way to exit was to end the task from the task manager. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for adding your details. It's good to know that this isn't an isolated situation.
  4. Thank you for confirming. Otherwise, I have no performance issue whatsoever. It seems to be quite smooth.
  5. I understand. I will try to do it by memory. They're quite simple plans actually. First plan: CYYZ/15L DEDKI MIGLO HABBS CYUL/24R Second plan: KCLE/06R PFLYD1 PATRC DCT FINGL NUBER3 CYYZ/05 (neither PATRC or FINGL existed). Tried to go directly to NUEBER3 STAR Please let me know if you need any additional information. I will try the same thing in the 700 to see if it behaves differently. Regards.
  6. I have experienced this issue in the FAQ twice on the ground, on the CRJ 550, at the flight plan stage; once when I was adding arrival information (i.e. ILS Runway/Star) and another time when I attempted to delete/add waypoint. The error was: The WASM Exception error was: "c000001d in gauge MCDU1V in module c:\Users\me\Appdata\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_*\Local\Cache\Packages\Community\aerosoift_CRJ_550\panel\ASCRJ_550.wasm" I also experienced the sim crashing again when attempting to add ILS/Star information in the air.. Therefore I was unable to obtain the error code. So far I attempted 3 flights on the CRJ550 with all of them failing. I will try my luck with the CRJ 700. I can send a screenshot of the WASM error if required. My System Specs: i7 9700K, GTX 1070TI and 64gb of ram. Thank you for your help.
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